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Should I Ask For The Salary Offered During A Job Interview?

  1. ngureco profile image83
    ngurecoposted 5 years ago

    Should I Ask For The Salary Offered During A Job Interview?

    If so, how should I do it so that I get the best salary and other benefits?

  2. Sandy Frost profile image60
    Sandy Frostposted 5 years ago

    Yes, you should because usually, interviewers try to negotiate on as least packages as they can offer to job aspirants. You may convince them by assuring your best which can benefit the company and it's growth prospects. You may assure them that you'll do justice with the prospective salary you're asking about. If they ask for what you should be hired on such negotiated salary packages then you may kindly tell them that you've capabilities to stand with these negotiated salaries and you can justify the job by even earning more bonuses along with salary packages. You should ask for other benefits too as this'll show your loyalty  to interviewers regarding job as well as this'll also put a key impact on them as interviewers prefer enthusiasmic candidates who go forward without any hesitation. How much you'll act with confidence and firm determinance, it'll increase your chances of getting the packages on which you want to get hired.

    Thanks and hope this answer could be helpful for you.

    1. joniah2884 profile image59
      joniah2884posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      i agree

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    donnaMhicksposted 5 years ago

    It depends. Most hiring gurus say you should not ask about salary during a first interview because doing so makes you look like you are just interested in the money and not the job itself. An article I read on one of those job sites said you appear "greedy even if you aren't." Another article I read said that you could knock yourself out early by asking about salary in the 1st interview. Some hiring managers say that even if you are just interested in the money, don't knock yourself out by asking about it too soon.
    In many job interviews, the interviewer will hand you a copy of the job description, which usually includes salary info. If you see a salary listed on anything they give you, or if there was a salary listed, say in a newspaper or online ad, it is ok to ask something like, "Your advertisement indicated that the salary is $xxx. Is that the salary I would start out at?" But wait until the end of the interview when you are asked "Do you have any questions?"
    If you are called back for a second interview, then discussing salary is acceptable, because you have advanced in the hiring process. But again, don't ask right at the beginning.

    1. joniah2884 profile image59
      joniah2884posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      actually, needless to say, it is always about the money. We go to school, graduate, get a job you love to get money, right? What other explanation is there?

  4. lifelovemystery profile image92
    lifelovemysteryposted 12 months ago

    The answer depends on who invites you to the interview.

    If a headhunter or agency sets up the interview, they will usually tell me the salary range. If they don't volunteer that information, then I will ask them about the range.

    If I am contacted directly by a company, it is usually in response to a position that I have applied for on their career site. If the salary is not posted in the job description then I refer to salary.com for additional information. The website typically has reviews by former employees, salaries paid for specific jobs, and may also have job postings.

    Typically during the interview, the hiring manager will bring up the issue of salary. You should never, ever ask. However, you should know your worth based on experience, and you should be prepared to negotiate.