What is the best job to get after separating from the military?

  1. SemperFitness profile image57
    SemperFitnessposted 5 years ago

    What is the best job to get after separating from the military?

  2. Alex Longsword profile image60
    Alex Longswordposted 5 years ago

    A good job would be any related with security, where you can use strategic planning to prevent robbery, damage, chaos and take control of any situation that presents by delegating good orders to your team and making all staff follow good practices.

  3. sean kinn profile image60
    sean kinnposted 5 years ago

    It kind of depends on what you did while you were in the military. I'm ex-infantry, so I was really only qualified to be a security guard or janitor when I got out (scrubbed a lot of latrines, aye :-). I spruced up my resume while I was in, though, by teaching myself how to write in order to hopefully become a command information writer. The writing portion worked out, but had a lot of other odd jobs since I got out, too. Other than being extremely flexible as a civilian - i.e., take any job that comes your way - another trick is to apply for jobs that are related to things you've done in the past. I worked in the overseas postal service for a while, but picked up a bunch of admin skills while working with mail - and then ended up working many admin jobs after that. If I still haven't answered your question - there may not be a best job - but there's usually some job somewhere that will pay the rent.