When you make a Youtube video, do you back link to it the same way you do to a H

  1. Adventure Colorad profile image81
    Adventure Coloradposted 5 years ago

    When you make a Youtube video, do you back link to it the same way you do to a Hub or blog post?

    I'm starting to make Youtube videos to go along with my blog posts and Hubs.  Will I get the same benefit back linking directly to the video as I get from back links to my Hubs?

  2. regdon70 profile image72
    regdon70posted 5 years ago

    Hi Adventure Colorad

    Lets say you have just finished making your you tube video

    you have uploaded on you tube and you have been asked to put in a description on the setting and video editor sections for your video

    on the description you can mention on your link url you want the viewers to go to

    Lets say you have uploaded a video about golf tips at the bottom of video you insert your link url link

    Check the example below

    golf tips to improve your golf Adventure Colorad is sharing golf tips at htttp://www.AdventureColoradgofltips.com

    check out this you tube video using this url http://youtu.be/9sV0PLIbYy8

    on the tags section put "golf tips" if that is your keyword

    I assume you can link naturally to your video from your blog post hubpages post by inserting your call to action

    text like to learn more go to (your you tube video url)

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