Six Sigma DOE

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    braziposted 4 years ago

    Six Sigma DOE

    Can anyone help me with a Six Sigma DOE project?

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    SidKempposted 4 years ago

    Yes, I can. But the acronym DOE has over 20 meanings, from Department of Energy to Design Of Experiment. I teach Six Sigma concepts and I'm an expert in Design Of Experiments for business. I also used to work for a consulting firm that worked for the Department of Energy.

    So, yes, I can help you. You can start by any of the above:
    1. read my hubs on Six Sigma
    2. if it's a web-based project, read my hub: Increase sales by improving web site navigation, which talks about design of experiments in that context.
    3. Read my books, starting with Quality Management Demystified. If you'll be working with statistics, also read Business Statistics Demystified, which talks about the design of experiments in business to be measured with statistical tools.
    4. email me through the email link (not the fanmail link) on my profile page (found when you click the fan mail button), describe the project and the help that you want.

    To Your Success!