What should I need to provide to get in dkim, spf & sender id for server?

  1. Lisa Hale profile image53
    Lisa Haleposted 5 years ago

    What should I need to provide to get in dkim, spf & sender id for server?

    I wanto to deliver a bulk e-mail with a server. I need to understand exactly what to provide I get in for dkim, sender, and spf id in order to get these emails out with this server?

  2. grvitaly profile image58
    grvitalyposted 4 years ago

    To send your email with the server, you need a couple of things.

    First off, you need to worry about your IP being a fixed IP rather of a dynamic IP. If you have a dynamic IP, many servers will decline your email.

    Another thing you have to think is a reverse DNS. Now, you need to have a reverse DNS for your IP, so your IP ought to reverse DNS lookup to your domain. Now that you have actually that done, other stuff you have to consider about are DKIM, SPF, and Sender ID. The Sender ID and SPF are solely concentrated on your DNS server- they have absolutely nothing to do with your email server at all. DKIM relates to both, so you have to establish one component in your mail server and an additional to your DNS.

    For SPF, what you can do is there's a lot of SPF generators, so as mentioned, and you can look it up on the Internet and discover "SPF Generator". Now, with that generator, you specify which IP addresses and which DNS addresses you have to allow gain access to from and it will produce a string that you will have to put into your DNS record.

    With Sender ID, it's quite the same and you can discover it, but Sender ID is not being commonly used - I would even skip it if you don't really need it for something really certain.

    DKIM also, it's pretty optional. You have DKIM generators and you need to generate a pair of keys - however it's very particular for the server you are making use of.