Which Coin Operated Machines Are The Most Profitable?

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    PhoenixVposted 4 years ago

    Which Coin Operated Machines Are The Most Profitable?

    Which coin operated machines are the most profitable? Which coin operated machine businesses are the least expensive to start up? What kind of licenses do you need for any or all different types of  coin operated machine businesses?

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    galleryofgraceposted 4 years ago

    In my opinion it's not "which type of machine is the most profitable"- It all depends on putting the machine in the right loction. It 's a little like real estate, location-location. In other words a coffee machine would not be appropriate outside a grocery store but gum and toy machines would.
    The product in the machine must match the type of  person who will be constantly walking past it.
    Your location and the requirements of your city will dictate what type of license you need. Usually if you have more than 2 machines you'll need a business license.  Other locations such as malls  and open air markets.may require you to have  a peddlers license.
    Gum ball machines are the least expensive. They can usually be purchased for less than $200  at your local Sam's Club or Costco.and don't require electric power. They can also be ordered online from Sams Club. A few gum ball machines would be good to start and then progress from there.

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    chenrongposted 4 years ago

    In Singapore, vending machines collectively are probably the most profitable – putting the coin operated jack pot machines in a close second place, partly because the latter is being regulated against proliferation. The coin operated vending machine dispenses a wide range of snacks, beverages and microwaveable foods at 7-Eleven stores; and in increasing number of hospitals, universities, cafeterias and shopping malls in the island Republic. The main reason is the growing presence of migrant workers and domestic helps who can easily find these vending machines and their reasonably priced items at convenient locations in publicly accessible buildings and on the streets. Now, we also have our early morning workers who can get free travel on mass rail transit. Commuters have to end their journey before 7.45am on weekdays at 16 designated train stations in the city area. What this means is that, some of these commuters will have to quickly pick up morning snacks at automated retail kiosks near their homes or at train stations since many shops remain closed at those early hours.
    On a stand-alone basis, the coin operated jack pot machine is unbeatable as a high revenue generator. At one time – before the opening of the public casinos – these machines were the big earners in country clubs on the island; helping to defray otherwise high monthly membership subscriptions. Now clubs are fighting back by bringing a new generation of jackpot slot machines to pull the purse strings of their members.