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Which is the best earning way on Internet? Can anyone tell me.

  1. Pkumarpal8 profile image76
    Pkumarpal8posted 4 years ago

    Which is the best earning way on Internet? Can anyone tell me.

    Hello friends I want to learn how to earn a living by using Internet. As I want to earn more and more by Internet. The main reason of this is that I don't want to do a job. I want to be fully dependent on Internet. So please help me.

  2. Snøwman profile image61
    Snøwmanposted 4 years ago

    It's really hard to make a living on the internet. You can make a little bit of extra money by doing stuff on the internet, but don't expect to be fully dependent on the internet.

    Some websites for making money

    Review music and get paid for it. You get about 5cents a song. If you refer someone you get part of their earnings. If you have a lot of referrals you can make a lot of money on slicethepie. This one is my favorite. It's the easiest to make money on.

    You get paid to do google searches like you normally do. Every search you do you have a chance to win a swagbuck. You can use them in the swag store and get prizes. If you refer someone and they earn a swagbuck, you also earn a swagbuck. That can add up fast if you have a lot of referrals.

    You get paid in lockerz points when you watch videos on their site.  You can't actually buy anything with the points, but you can get some really good discounts on items in their store.

    It's often compared to hubpages. You answer questions and if you get the best answer you get paid ad revenue.

  3. skellams profile image60
    skellamsposted 4 years ago

    Earning a living on the Internet is difficult, to say the least, but not impossible. There are many websites that pay people to complete surveys, click on emails, watch videos, complete tasks, etc. however, there are not enough hours in the day for a person to actually make a living doing any of these things.

    The only way a person could possibly make enough money to survive on the Internet is by starting some kind of online business or doing freelance work as a personal assistant, writer, marketer, designer, developer, paralegal, etc. and these options require not only knowledge in the field you chose to work but some kind of business knowledge as well.

    You could check out websites like Ebay and Etsy, where people sell/resell items they have made or purchased for ideas. I would suggest taking a look at some websites for freelancers such as odesk.com and freelancer.com to see what kind of work, pay, and competition one might find as a freelancer too.

    There are a select few that make good money as life, relationship, business coaches using the Internet, however, all of these things require quite a bit more work than a job outside the home normally requires.

    Anyone who makes a living on the Internet is most likely very skilled and works many more hours than they would simply getting a job.

    Good luck!

    1. Pkumarpal8 profile image76
      Pkumarpal8posted 4 years agoin reply to this

      thanxx skellams for your comment and guiding me the right path of earning on internet.

  4. UpixxIndustries profile image47
    UpixxIndustriesposted 4 years ago

    The problem here is that there are many ways to make money online.  The thing is that you need to do some research as to what you want to get into and then focus mainly on developing traffic to whatever it is that you are selling. 
    Most people fail because they do not realize that they are not really selling the product but they are selling to the emotional psychology of the individual user. 
    The problem is that there is not a "best earning way" online. What will work for me may not work for you. 
    The easiest things to set up online however to generate money within 3 months include affiliate marketing sites, Adsense sites, and blogs.  These are the easiest things because you can make them niche related and focus more on the traffic generation to those types of sites.  Once you find one thing that you can make money from, just rinse and repeat the steps that you did. 
    I hope this helps out.