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    tellstevericeposted 7 years ago

    I love to write. I'm mostly unknown. My last name is "Rice". It would be nice if I could be among other famous writers with the last name Rice. I know I have the potential and I have plenty of "samples" to prove it. I've never been published. I tried to figure your "HubPages" out, and I feel I need a tutor!
    Writing is what I'm good at, not computer science. Maybe your
    "step 1, step 2, step 3", is easy for you and others, but for me I found it frustrating. Why do you tell us to make up our own website addresses, and because it's not put together a certain way it gets rejected! Then it was unclear when I wanted to change it. I wanted clever and unique!.. It's a ficticious web address. I came up with it years ago, when people first started "showing-off" their web addresses as "bumper stickers".
    Being a truck driver I saw lots of them,and here is my response;
    www.Hock a Laptop in a Pawnshop to That reminds me,
    I was getting tired of those "Honor Roll" bumper stickers too...
    "Our kid made the Honor Roll because He's Real Neat!..
    (But our marriage is a failure because we both cheat)"
    If I was "discovered" I'd be set apart from the rest. I describe
    myself as one who, "Writes like the Wind", (at least it sounds cool and it fits too!)People whether I know them or not, might be skeptical if I want to share an idea or something I wrote, but only until they hear it or read it. I've been encouraged by their favorable responses. You have to "grab" your readers from the very start and not let them go! I have that gift. All my work is original, an "eyepopper", clever, fun and unique...
    But someone like me needs help being promoted. I'm good at what
    I do, writing, not networking, not advanced computer skills, and certainly not "blending in" with other "mediocre" writers!
    Whatever, and Merry Christmas... Steve Rice.