Have any of you started a business? If so, do you have any tips?

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    businessin30daysposted 2 years ago

    Have any of you started a business?  If so, do you have any tips?

    I am writing a series of 30 day how-to-guides on starting specific businesses.  I have started a handful of businesses in the past, but more input would be great.  Thanks!

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    creditcomedyposted 2 years ago

    Credit Comedy's Quick Answer:

    The word of advise is to not get into debt trying to start a business.  Sustain the business with your own cash first.  Debt will destroy your business in it's start up stages...

    Also learn to laugh about your credit and your mistakes!

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    Infinite Businessposted 2 years ago

    Currently I Hub and blog about the challenges young entrepreneurs might face while starting a business. It is still a working progress but feel free to read some of it. Answering simple questions in general business terms