What is the correlation between being fired from a job and having low self-estee

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What is the correlation between being fired from a job and having low self-esteem and feelings

    of worthlessness, even becoming self-destructive as one feels hopelessness as far as career options go?  Is it unrealistic to assert that people who are fired from their jobs obtain better jobs and become successful when it is extremely unlikely that such people will ever be successful?


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    manatita44posted 2 years ago

    I'm just feeling my way here, Grace, but I think that they are strongly related. Having low self-esteem and feelings makes one sensitive and vulnerable, especially to bullying. But it works the other way too, we can often see problems which are very real for us but not there for other members of the staff.

    I read somewhere that to succeed at work, one must see the organisation as a tribe. One has to fit within that tribe, or  will otherwise become challenging to the tribe and seen as a threat or nuisance.

    Some people who are fired, can and sometimes do better elsewhere.  I go back to the same old question of Consciousness, or Spirituality, if you like. I see so many people coming to Sri Chinmoy who seem to be shy, nervous ....but see them two three years later, and they are amazing!

    Sometimes we are incompatible in some areas. Sometimes we simply need more Love so that the petals in our Hearts can blossom. I always say, join an affirmative group, pray or meditate; or seek help from friends. We all need this.

    Ultimately, if we are seen as a liability to the Company or Organisation, we will be fired, but yes, we can, with or without time, go somewhere else and do much better. Standards differ from place to place, and so does Consciousness. Much Love.