What it takes to be a business tycoon?

  1. breathing profile image62
    breathingposted 2 years ago

    What it takes to be a business tycoon?

    We hear of many business tycoons in the modern world. What is exactly required top become a business tycoon? What qualities do you need to possess? What links should you have?

  2. ambassadorbutler7 profile image61
    ambassadorbutler7posted 2 years ago

    You need creativity, audacity, fortitude, vision, and be true to yourself and know that someone will appreciate your business on the internet that is running behind the scene and have world dominion over the earth through organic traffic like I have done in 5 years 8 months 17 days from June 3, 2010 A.D. - February 20, 2016 A.D. 6:56am and forever. Organic Traffic with creative contents can take you places where no man have gone before on the internet online and offline businesses that delivers the best contents in the world for your soul revival and soul salvation to Jesus Christ Lord and Savior on February 20, 2016 A.D. 7:01am and forever. About the what links should you have? You should have the kinds of links that are out of sight and soaring behind the scene at warp speed travelling!