How to start a blog and earn money?

  1. Krystal Boyle profile image59
    Krystal Boyleposted 11 months ago

    How to start a blog and earn money?

    I've always wanted to blog, about food or clothes or just about anything people would like to learn or read, I would like to know how I could begin.

  2. HealthNFitnesstip profile image60
    HealthNFitnesstipposted 10 months ago

    Starting a blog is very simple and easy. In fact you don't have to spend any money while setting up your blog. Try Google Blogspot its free. Here you can choose the what kind of content you would be posting on your blog, be sure that the content is original with at least 250 or more characters including space. Be consistent keep posting new post daily or weekly or by-weekly. By the time you can also apply for Google Adsense and when it gets approve you can place different types of ads on your blog according to free space available. You get money when some one click on your ad which is placed on your blog. After some time you can become affiliate of sites like Amazon, eBay etc and start selling their products on your blog. Whenever you make a sell you will be get your commission accordingly.

    For reference I am giving URL of my blog which might be helpful in making your own blog and then after make money like I am doing.