Poetic Battle About Making Your Prospect List. Who Will Win This One?

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    GreatContentposted 7 years ago

    Once again, we're here live at The Business World Arena. The battle rages on between network marketing and internet marketing. Today its about making your prospect list. Let's see how this one will go down in history!

    Ready? Let's Get It On!

    Internet Marketing: Tell me how are you building your list?

    Network Marketing: Im writing the names of people I know. I will invite them all to a thursday night event.

    Internet Marketing: How many of them do you think will show? If they come to the event, most of their hearts will be hard as cement.

    Network Marketing: Well, hopefully all of them will join.

    Internet Marketing: What will you do when your list run's out?

    Network Marketing: What is all of these questions really about?

    Internet Marketing: Most network marketers have this problem. Their list of contacts begin to run out. They begin to fear that their business will not grow. That will make them all want to shout!

    Network Marketing: Well im sure that my list will join my business. They are my family and friends. I believe that the trust is there. This is not committing the worst of MLM sins.

    Internet Marketing: Relying on them is a sin in this business. You will not get very far. You will get burned out and render this business not for you, but I come to tell you that this is not true.

    Network Marketing: Are you suggesting I give up this list?

    Internet Marketing: Of course not, but not taking advantage of building an online list is something that is not good to miss. Doing MLM online, you will never run out of prospects. When people reject you, it is a simple,"Next!"

    Network Marketing: Can I market my business to my list?

    Internet Marketing: At first, it's not a good idea to do this. Build a relationship with your list and build trust-- teaching them how to succeed online. Be a person of value to them-- this is a must.

    Network Marketing: What do you mean by becoming a person of value?

    Internet Marketing: It means that people see you as a person who can solve their network marketing problems. That is over 90% of network marketers. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.

    Network Marketing: So, how do I become this person?

    Internet Marketing: You must educate yourself. Study, do, and teach is the formula. Get a mentor to guide you in all this. He will make sure that there is nothing critical that you will miss.

    Network Marketing: Can you be my mentor?

    Internet Marketing: Sure!

    Network Marketing: So, when do we start?

    Internet Marketing: We can start now. The decision you just made is truly smart!

    PS - Growing your prospect list online is the best thing that has happened to the industry of network marketing.

    You need not worry about rejections, or your list having run out, because there will always be a constant stream of people flowing through YOUR marketing funnel that YOU set up.

    Do you need help with getting started? Ok, you already know what to do. Go get yourself a mentor, and make it happen for yourself!