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    Von Hagens: German Anatomist Sells Human Bodies Online
    October 31, 2010 02:22 PM EDT
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    Guenter Von Hagens plans to sell human bodies and plastinated animals online. The German anatomist, famous for his Body Worldsâ traveling expedition - which features preserved human bodies and body parts - will open his Internet store on Friday, November 3.
    File photo of German anatomy professor Gunther von Hagens posing next to a plastinated human specimen during the presentation of the new Koerperwelten ('Body Worlds') exhibition in Heidelberg January 9, 2009. Von Hagens, a German anatomist famous for his controversial Body World exhibition displaying plastinated bodies, is now selling human and animal body parts -- even as jewellery -- online. A whole body from the online shop costs about 70,000 euros, torsos start at 55,644 euros and heads come in at around 22,000 euros each -- excluding postage and packaging.

    Von Hagens plans to sell a wide range of his creations, says the Associated Press. He will offer animal-part jewelry, such as a pair of earrings with giraffe tail slices, which sell for $57.55, and also for sale will be entire human corpses. However, Von Hagens says any human body parts will be exclusively reserved for sale to institutions such as universities and hospitals for research purposes.

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