Need your advice about job application follow-up

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    Anolindeposted 7 years ago

    This is cross-posted at Need Help forum (thought it might be more appropriate here .. hope it's okay to cross-post!)

    Hi!  I am in the process of applying for a job (which I DESPERATELY NEED).  The thing is, I sent the application in early last month and received an email saying that they have received my application and that if I am among one of the final candidates, I will be contacted for an interview (I'm paraphrasing).  The email sounded to me like they're saying that if I don't hear back from them, don't bother contacting them since it would just mean that I'm not one of the final candidates.

    Anyway, the application deadline for this job was last Friday (11/19).  It is now Wednesday evening (Japan time) and I have not heard back from them.  How long do you think it normally takes for the hiring manager to select those "final candidates" for an interview?  I am thinking that it really shouldn't take this long and the fact that it's been a few days since application deadline, it probably means that I'm not one of those "final candidates" sad  What do you guys think?

    Also, do you think I should email them back to find out (since the first email kinda implied that I shouldn't)?  What should I even say, exactly?  Or do you think I should just move on?

    This really sucks, though sad I really thought I might have a shot at this job, especially since my former boss (who wrote me a letter of recommendation) is a friend (and former co-worker) of this person.  And one of my ex co-workers (with a more relevant degree, but less job experience) is actually working there!  Anyway .... sad

    Thanks in advance for any input/advice!

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    CASE1WORKERposted 7 years ago

    Dont e mail them!

    Could be the person who is doing the sift is ill, needed urgently for an important issue at work or at home.
    Sometimes time tables are set by admin who do not check with the short lister when they are going to be around.
    In my experience the application is never dead- just try and forget it and look for other posts.
    Not hearing from them can just mean they are busy!