Grass Roots Movement

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    CSeaposted 7 years ago

    Adopting a more conservative lifestyle and grateful attitude are key to healing our culture. Do not, however, stifle your enthusiasm or dreams.

    This will reignite brilliance, creativity and solutions to support and defend our economy and the environment. We salute our enterprising graduates and extend our hand in helping them become self-employed.

    Recognizing that Boomers are snatching up many of the part time opportunities, this adds pressure to those desperately seeking purpose.  Desiring to put into practice all they learned and to make a difference.

    Put your genius together with the right options, do the eco.nomics and watch us turn this economy around.

    Get back to basics, simplicity, helping others, authentically caring and eternally learning.  This will result in the most abundant harvest ever imagined.

    Embrace what can be and leave all that was, behind... CSea