How to translate your business online

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    Nadya_1posted 7 years ago

    1. Pick a niche relevant to your interests

    Think about the spheres you have:

    -       deeper knowledge in;

    -        hobbies;

    -        talents

    Make that  list ! Do research to find out if there is a market for them.

    2. Create a domain name

    Some businesses register a huge number of domain names to protect their brand. You need just one to start!
    Make sure it contains popular keywords in your niche.

    3. Build a website or a blog

    You don’t have to create a large website in the beginning. Just register your own domain name.
    If you don’t know anything about website design, you can get started with a blog. They are free and straightforward. You can have the blog directed to your domain URL if you choose the right hosting company. Creating a blog is a lot easier than you think and can actually take about 5 minutes without a  lot of technical skills.

    4. The  hosting company – how to choose?

    Make sure the hosting offers everything you need for getting your website up and running. If you create a blog, you’ll need to have a hosting company that will let you register a domain name for it.
    Make sure you pick a reputable hosting company recommended by others and stay away from free hosting.


    PayPal is the most popular, although some people don’t consider it to be the most professional. However for  starting out  it is fine.
    As you grow you may want to look at a total shopping cart solution. In the beginning just get paypal up and running so you’ve got it ready for your first sale!

    6. How to traffic-generate – you need to know

    How to market online – a very discussed question. Do not be fooled - you can put a website and loads of people are going to  turn up to have a look at it, sign up to it or buy from it.
    The basic engine of your online business is the easy part, the hard work comes in driving traffic to your site. So be prepared to  work hard  to learn how to drive traffic to your site …

    7. Take ACTION!!!
    ALWAYS DO SOMETHING! If you’re sitting in front of your computer, use that time to work on your online business. The counted keysteps are just the beginning. In order to actually make money, you need to WORK for it!