just a guestion.suggestions needed.

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    juliancreativeposted 7 years ago

    hi i was recently was asked a guestion by a freind.do you think starting a home based business,would be a more successful venture and benificial .then working a part time job,even though jobs are scarce in my nearby towns.if so what would be recommended seeing as social security will consider either employment once a profit is begining to be made.and as well what is recommended as a home based business for a rounded $200.00 a month investment or less than this amount for start up costs for home based investment.a close freind needs my advice and others.thank you.

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      Quilligrapherposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Hello Julian,
      I’m certainly not an expert on this topic but that doesn’t keep me from having an opinion.
      If this were my friend, I would suggest considering both avenues at the same time. Most people today need more than a full time job just to survive. But if that’s not possible, nailing down a reliable part-time position with a secure, predictable cash flow is the next best thing. That done, there should be additional time and energy available to investigate and initiate a home based business. This is going to take capital, time, and labor but it can be accomplished in parallel with a part-time income stream. Like any new venture, the type and success of the venture will depend entirely upon the skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm of the founder.
      As always, my advice comes free of charge, Julian, and it’s probably worth just that.