Listening involves 5 steps

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    overchangerposted 6 years ago

    The five steps of listening are sensing, interpreting, evaluating, remembering and responding.

    Listening is a prcess involving five related activities, which generally occur in this sequence:

    1. Sensing, Phsically hearing the message and taking note of it,

    2. Interpreting, Decoding and absorbing what you hear. As you liste, you assign meaning to the words based on your own values, beliefs, ideas, expectations, roles, needs, and personal history.

    3. Evaluating: Forming an opinion about the message. Sorting through the speaker's remarks, separating fact from opinion and evaliating the quality of the evidence requires a good deal of effort, particularly if the subject is complex or emotionally charged.

    4. Remembering: Storing a message for future reference. To retain what you hear, you must take notes or make a mental outline of the speakers key points.

    5. Responding: Acknowledging the message by reacting to the speaker in some fashion.

    To be a good listener vary the way you listen to suit different situations.

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      Doesn't it also depends on how well the 'speaking' is signed? hmm

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    Works for me. smile