In Business If One Can Perceive It Then They Can Achieve Speeches

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    overchangerposted 6 years ago

    "Rule 1. Act naturally. If talking on the air doesn't seem to come naturally, then try pretending that the interview is taking
    place, not on radio or television, but on a park bench or in a row boat. In such casual, comfortable settings, you certainly would not declaim like a great orator, project to the last row, or speak in a particular forceful manner.

    Rule 2. Listen carefully to the questions. Do not, for example, make the common mistake of starting to respond to what you think the questioner will have asked when he finishes hir or her question.

    Rule 3. Don't ramble. The only real problem you might face on a talk show on which several guests are interviewed is trying to condense your message to the point where it can be expressed in just five or six minutes, since that is probably all that will be alotted to you.

    This was taken by Steve Allen's book, "How  to make a speech",
    Mcgraw Hill paperbacks..1986",
    pg. 180 -how to make a speech.,
    Speaking on Radio and Television Talk shows,

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