Seeking Bios of Internet Marketing Masters (or non-"masters" :o)

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    internetenergyposted 9 years ago


    I'm new here.  My name is Adam Fulford, I am involved in a number of Internet-based enterprises, and other creative endeavors (such as screenwriting).  I don't want to just parachute in here than disappear. I hope to network and share ideas with everybody here.

    I do want to introduce a website --- InternetMarketingMasters -- that features mini-bios of Internet marketers, with info of what kind of Internet marketing they do, and sometimes sharing info on what has worked for them and what hasn't.  I'm hoping to get some your stories too.

    What's in if for you? It is a venue for you to introduce yourself and your business/product/service. You don't have to be a "master" at online marketing per se. That was just an expired domain name that I purchased.  Just share a little about yourself, your product or service, how you've utilized internet.

    What do I want? I want fresh contents.  Mutually beneficial, no? 

    I hope the name of the site isn't off putting, or too spammy or elitist sounding. Marketing isn't just for big corporations or sales people, as all of you would know.  It is important for the survival of, say, charities as well.  My mother runs an international charity, and though it is non-profit, she has to market it all the time. Even artists need to know how to market themselves, and could probably benefit from utilizing the internet (despite the common paranoia of having ideas or works stolen).

    I just want the site to be useful and informative any visitor hoping to find new ways to utilize the internet for their purposes, whatever they may be, and will be grateful for any ideas and feedback on the site.