I buzz pro or Phone Broadcast Club?

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    gcfraleyposted 9 years ago

    My name is Glenn Fraley and I would like to get some feedback for research purposes.  I have a vested interest in one of the listed programs ibuzz pro or Phone Broadcast Club, I will not mention which.  I am not here to spam, so I wanted to clear the air right away on that.  I want to hear your serious reasons why you personally like one over the other and what kind of results that you are getting with which ever program your are personally using.  If some one is interested in the programs then I have other sites that I promote the one I use myself on and until i get the research data back I am looking for I will not be posting it on a hub here.  So you can do your research on me if you are that interested or you can wait until I get my research done and post my hub on the program that I am using.  I personally like to cover all the angles when I get involved with a program, that is just me.  Otherwise, do not ask a question as to which one it is on this post so I do have to be rude and not reply, because I will not reply and get accused of spamming the forum, there are other places and forums in which to do this type of activity, not hubpages.  I simply want to get some solid factual information from other users on the choices mentioned for phone/voice broadcasting.  If anyone is using one or the other, please let me know how you are doing with it and which one it is.  I woulld like to also know why you chose that one over the other and if you would go back and change your decision after you now have been using the one you chose.  Thank you, and have a blessed holiday.