Is it a lie?

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    Leaderofmanyposted 5 years ago

    Veteran are leaving the service everyday, many with some form of disability. They are told that some of the mayor companies in the United States are Veteran friendly and hire Vets. In fact, many of these companies get together and hold job fairs just for Veterans. When it actually comes down to the hiring or application process many companies do not hire Veterans on. I will use my case as an example. My husband who has a Bachelors degree and is just shy of a Master's degree has put out close to 75 resumes to different companies. Most of them say that they are the "military" friendly companies. He has had one interview and then turned down for a non-veteran. One major company in our area has advertised in great detail that it is veteran friendly and he put in for several positions at different levels at that company and not one pick up. So is it a lie? Maybe someone from these companies can explain it to me.