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5 Minute Guide to Creating Your Profitable & Free Niche Website

Updated on August 14, 2011
A Profitable Niche Website created using the Free Weebly Site Builder.
A Profitable Niche Website created using the Free Weebly Site Builder. | Source

Profiting from Your Free Niche Website

Give me 5 minutes and I'll give you how to create your profitable niche website.

This article is the result of a question from a friend on how to create and monetize a free to setup niche website. We were talking over our morning coffee and that discussion actually span nearly 3 hours.

Read on to find out how to choose and research the many niche topics avaliable, choosing your website hosting platform, how-to and what content to create and why, and finally the simplest and most effective ways to monetize your niche website.

For you internet folks out there, here's the 5 minute version of the most critical points from our discussion.

Choose the Money Niche that Suits You

Here's how to choose and research the many niche topics available.

Ideas do really grow on trees because any idea or topic can become a niche site. The essential consideration here is create a shortlist of potential niches based on your passion and expertise. Next you need to do some research for each item on your list.

Enter the keyword or phrase that most represent your niche idea into Google keyword tool to find out how profitable is this niche. You do this by computing what I coined as the Profit Potential (PP) by multiplying the "estimated CPC" and the "Monthly Traffic".

The Estimate Cost Per Click (CPC) is indicative of the relative ad revenue. Remember to make sure your country settings is such that this "local traffic" is for your target country which is usually the US for most of you.

For those who are perfectionist like me, you might want to compute the Profit Potential (PP) for all the keywords by downloading results returned by the Google keyword tool as a CSV file into your favorite spreadsheet application.

To see how crowded is this niche check the number of sites return by the google results for the keyword or phrase used previously. For all you perfectionist (hey you're like me) out there, do this for the phrase in quotes like this "keyword" as well. Add up the total number of returned sites to get the "Number of Compettitors" (NOC) which is indicated of the level of competition you'll need to overcome to rank well in Google Search for your niche.

Then you'll compute what I coined the "This-Is-A-Great-Niche" (TIAGN) metric (yes its this number is that important :> ) by dividing the Profit Potential (PP)figure by the "Number of Compettitors (NOC),   i.e. TIAGN = PP / NOC  .

Now you can use the really useful This-Is-A-Great-Niche (TIAGN) metric to compare each of the niche ideas, with the larger number indicating a relatively better niche to go into.

Which Hosting Platform is Right for You

This section deals with choosing your website hosting platform and it will a straight to the point one.

From my own personal experience, the easiest to use, most flexible and free all-in-one website builder and hosting solution is at Did I tell remember to tell you that its free. For the perfectionist (yes this is referring to you) out there you can also upgrade to a paid account to unlock more features. 

Screenshot of the Free Weebly Site Builder

The Free Weebly Web Builder & Hosting Site
The Free Weebly Web Builder & Hosting Site | Source

Great Content is Money in the Bank

Be warned! The advice in this section is deceptively simple but nearly impossible to follow for all the web articles and websites that you will create. If you choose to do accept this "Mission Impossible" and complete this mission then you'll receive the reward of a life time supply of Google Search traffic and many other great search engines.

Here's the content advice:

"The most important thing is to always create unique and easy to read content with relevant keywords that is focused on a narrow subject theme"

All you need is to walk this talk, and you'll trash your competitors and calculate the cash. (sorry for the rhythmic rap, wanted to liven things up see you have persist to this part).

The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More
The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More

Here's a popular book that gives an interesting perspective of the long tail that can help you understand its true power and how to harness it in your online web business.


Growing Money from Your Site Fast

The simplest and most effective way to monetize your niche website is to partner with most trusted big players.

From my personal experience the best online ad program is still Google's Adsense. While the best product affiliate program is the Amazon Associates Affiliate program.

Another great Affiliate company to partner with is LinkShare through which you can partner with many other great companies, including Apple's iTunes and Apps store. Click here to become a LinkShare Affiliate, its free!

I'll share with you one last secret as a parting gift. Having faith in yourself is the key to enabling you to put all that you know into massive action. So what are you waiting for? Get off your seat and start one quick simple action towards your life goal. 

You Can also Sell on eBay or GMarket

Even if you have you own niche site or blog shop, you can also sell in parallel on online excommerce platforms like eBay or even Gmarket which is a Korean version of eBay.

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