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Benefits of Writing in Hubpages - 10 Great Things I learned!

Updated on December 6, 2013
10 Great Things Hubpages Taught Me About
10 Great Things Hubpages Taught Me About | Source

After over a month of my stay here in Hubpages (which, by the time I updated this hub, has been over 5 months now), I've noticed that I started to care about (or care more about) things around me. And this is practically because of the growing passion in writing.

Let me share to you, in this article, 10 great things writing taught me to know more about. All these learning enabled me to have an enriching experience here in the world of online writing.

A Paradigm Shift

Admittedly, at first, my only goal (and the purpose why I started writing) was to earn extra income. I really did not give any thought about engaging in the online writing community I am in. But as weeks passed by, things started to change, and my attention started shifting gradually away from my profit motive. Now that I'm more than a month old in Hubpages, I give importance to other things as well, not just the money I could earn. I actually find it amazing! I learned to embrace what writing and Hubpages has to offer - cool features, helpful community and much more. Anyway, here are 10 things I started caring (more) about after joining Hubpages to pursue my interest on writing (of course there are more than 10, but I would just want to focus on these).

Hubpages was able to change a lot of things in me:

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Learning how to make your hubs visible to the readers!
Learning how to make your hubs visible to the readers!

The 10 Things I Started Giving More Importance To

  • Things Happening Around - As an aspiring writer, I need a lot of things to write about. Hence, upon starting my writing venture, I started to be more observant of the things happening around me. This is awesome for me, because usually I don't give much emphasis on the things happening around me. In fact ,when I walk down the streets (or even in malls), I walk fast and don't observe things much. But this has been gradually changing as I become more fond of things happening around me.
  • Minute Details - Related to number 1, as I become more observant about things, I also started to become more curious about details, even the small ones. There are now instances where I really scrutinize things in order to gain more knowledge on things that I can share in Hubpages. Also, through this, I can develop my clairvoyance, and actually come up with brilliantly constructed hubs.
  • Ideas - As I search for more insights and knowledge on things, I started to give more importance to ideas. What I meant was, I'm becoming a lot more open on other people's insights, ideas, comments, opinions and suggestions. With this, I've realized that I can learn a lot from them which I can also share in this community.
  • Incoming Traffic - As an aspiring writer, I feel a sense of achievement when people actually read my articles/hubs. And the best way I can gauge this is through the amount of traffic I'm receiving. Also, I use this information whether or not I should lie low on some topics that are not receiving decent amount of traffic, and shift my efforts on those that are receiving higher amount of traffic. That way, I can make sure that I'm being read.
  • Comments - Similar to number 4, comments can be an indicator of people's engagement with your articles. When people comment, I feel overwhelmed because their comments signifies that they actually can relate to the things I write, or they really found the articles insightful and helpful. As a writer, this is a fulfillment.

  • Backlinks and SEO - Since I want to receive more traffic and at the same time more comments, I try methods of search engine optimization and backlinking strategies.I usually post on forums and other sites in order to gain more exposure, and have a higher page rank.
  • Reading Materials - Since I am beginning to thirst for more things to write about, I started giving more importance to reading materials (including other people's hub). In this way, I'm beginning to uncover a lot of things I don't know (or have a little knowledge) about.
  • Words that I Write - Since I know that people from various parts of the world can read my articles, I started to become more sensitive on things that I write. I need to make sure that I won't offend anybody in my hubs. Being insensitive may lose me some credibility and readership. Hence, I started to care more about on each word that I write in my articles.
  • Community - Like I mentioned earlier , I learned how to appreciate the Hubpages Community that led to the development of my own sense of community here in this site. With this, I started to become more active and engaging by asking and answering questions, interacting in the forum, commenting on other people's hubs and etc. I even constructed this analysis tool to help hubbers assess their performance here in Hubpages.
  • Personal Growth - I've realized that in writing, I can achieve personal growth. Day by day, I learn information from various and very diverse topics. Each day, I am getting equipped with more skills that I can use in my every day life. Also, as I continue to write here in Hubpages, I develop my skills and even my personality. Learning through writing is indeed one way to ensure my continuous growth as an individual!

These 10 things ultimately made an impact on how I live my daily life.

What about you? Please share your own list of things you started caring (more) about after joining Hubpages. I would really be happy hear from you!


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