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20,000 Page Views

Updated on October 8, 2018

20,000 Page Views

For some of you this must seem like a very trivial accomplishment. And perhaps it is but for me I didn’t believe I would last a week on hub pages let alone 6 months. I have seen some of you who have followers in the thousands and I marvel at you. But I am have just start so I am very happy to have almost 200.

And I know I have hurt my following and readership by being so diverse. But my followers are never bored. I try to always provide them with entertainment for their amusement if nothing else. And my readers have been so generous to me and I am so completely grateful to them.

So on the day of my six month anniversary I am also crossing past the 20,000 page views mark. I don’t know if that is accolade worthy but it means that on average about 111 people per day are viewing my work. And while my ratings aren’t high, perhaps in time they will be.

The gratitude for all of you who have taken this journey with me can’t be expressed in words.

All of you have had to endure my adventure into learning to write poetry. And one of my poems was rap music inspired. I think I may secretly be a rapper. OMG!!! What a patient generous lot the hub pages participants are?

If I can only figure out the tracker system so I can start making referrals that will be awesome.

My Inspiration

All of you. Each one of you who gets up everyday and strives to be a better writer and to publish material that will enlighten, educated and entertain. I doubt I would have made it a week without all of you. And your comments for the most part have been so wonderful and at times constructive which I needed. There are so many talented and great artists on this website that it is humbling and inspiring.

And with every word you type and everything you share you make the world a better place.

My Motivation

Again it would be all my wonderful friends on hub pages. And while I have taken most of the challenges which can be easily verified it does not compare to the generosity shown by those who have followed me. And I want all of you to know I read your work as well. I have a lovely friend in Brasil. He speaks of computers. I don’t understand a word he writes but he does so with such finesse and so poetically I hang onto every word he writes. Just because I don’t understand computers doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate well written work. I still follow him to this day.

And all my political buddies, inspire me as well. They are so original and cover things that no one else in the media would dare write or say. I heard about Occupy Wall Street not from the media but from Hubpages Community. I get a lot of my news from Hub Pages. And while I have heard criticism that all of us are just opinionated writers, we do cover a lot of news that is not covered by the mainstream media. I am very well sourced. Everything I write is well researched although I have been accused of not doing that as well. I research so I am prepared for those not so constructive critics that wish to tear my hubs down. And they are still there after 400 hubs and 6 months of work and almost 20,000 page views.


I think you have to be pretty darn creative to get up and find something to write about that is redundant in today’s society. And I write about 2-3 hubs a day. I write on a 6th grade level because I want my hubs to appeal to all readers. Newspaper’s are only written on a 4th grade level. But it is limiting. And I can imagine that it would appear as though I have a limited vocabulary. I don’t mind. I would rather write to a bigger audience. And I also don’t like to make language so cumbersome that the reader only has time to read my hub in a day. I know when I read I like to read 5 hubs at a sitting. It usually takes ma about six minutes I that long to get through a hub. That is a total of thirty minutes of contribution to the hub community without taking a lot of time out of my day.

And again I marvel at all of the other writer’s hubs and I have to be very careful as I have almost a photographic memory. Almost a photographic memory means out of a glance at a 100 word passage I can recall 98 words. This is a hazard as a writer as I could unintentionally plagiarize another person’s work. So I am very careful about the days I read and then the days I write. They do not cross over unless they are a completely different topic that I am writing on. My friend from Brasil who writes about computers I would never copy him as I don’t write technical hubs. So it is always safe to read him. My other from Dexter from Chicago has a great serious about Breakfast with the Obama’s . I love his work. And I know I will never write on that subject either so his work is always safe. The writer’s I have to be very careful of are ones who write on similar topics. Thank goodness most of them are my friends and we seem to compliment each other’s work. For Instance Peter Lumetta has done a significant amount of work in politics. And some of our stuff over laps but does not infringe on copyrights. But there are so many other friends I could tell you about and maybe I will write a hub specifically for them.

To All Of You

To all of your who have read, endured, followed and held my hand through my first six months and my first 20,000 page views. Thank you. You mean more to me then any of you know. There are many other great hub writers and commenters which I have profound respect for and I will perhaps include them in another hub.

Final Notes

At the time of publication I am over 20,005 page views.


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