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21 Brilliant ideas for a hubpage

Updated on October 19, 2012

21 cracking ideas for a hub

1: Write a review about a book read a good book or magazine and write a review on it. Maybe with this you could put an amazon link and earn some commission for selling the book.

2: Review a product or service pick a product in you market niche that people would be interested in. It is better if it is something that you use yourself. There are tons of products that you can get affilliate links on.

3: Review a good popular blog or websitei f readers are not familiar with certain subjects or maybe they might be a internet newbie they might not know about all the different resources available to them. I think they would be pleased that you told them about them.

4: Make a list to these resources you have sourced outrite down a big list of all the resources that you have found, add a link to them if you have too. These are the types of hubs that will get bookmarked for future reference.

5: Explain your subject that might be confusing to new hubbers this may be the type of subject hubbers are looking for and might stumble upon your hub while they are searching.

6: Do a review of some body elses hub that is unknown in other words not much traffic you never now the hubber might put a link on his hub for all the attention you got his hub.

7: Talk and make a hub about something very contraversial and tell people your feelings about it but be careful not to take one side you dont want a war thats why its better to be calm about it

8: Tell people about past mistakes and how you have learned your lesson from it thus warning people not to makethe same mistake and also letting them now that your only human.

9: Do a case study which can be very popular because it shows real-life priciples. Talk about how you get your house really clean and sparkling.

10: Do a mind blowing experiment and tell the results people love these as humans are very inqhuisitive.

11: Do a analysis on a certain subject like say adsense earnings or something like that ever heard of john chow he did it and is now famous on the web.

12: Find a funny or really weird website this will really lighten up your hub page as alot of people are into that humour and stuff.

13: Find a totally ace video on youtube embed it on your hub and talk about it or if your a bit mre darey you could make your own video and talk abou that.

14: Talk about something really unexpected blow peoples minds trust me they will want more hubs from you.

15: Find a massive topic and do a series of hubs about this one subject this may lead to being a great hub writer.

16: Do a poll and when its finished discuss the results you know people are going to want to come back to see the know what they say curiosity killed the cat.

17: Interview somebody better if you can interview somebody famous but it can be even a member of your family. Just dont waste there time.

18: Explain step by step something really technical that you understand about and want to share it so it helps others.

19. Talk about a personal matter only if you want to people can be very agreeable dont forget its not just you that has a personal story. There may be some one who has a similar tale.

20: Put cartoons on your hub just get the authors permission first dont want to get into trouble do you. People love cartoons and it also brings a little humour to your hubpages.

21: Lastly do what i have done in trhis hub and writ a list for people giving them ideas about what kind of hubs they can make and tell them about what subjects are most talked about.

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    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      Love the ideas. And I have used a couple of them before I read the hub :)