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30 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge: The Tip That Worked Best For Me!

Updated on May 2, 2018
Karen Hellier profile image

Karen Hellier is a freelance writer and eBay entrepreneur. She lives happily in the mountains of North Georgia with her husband and her dog.

Working hard writing my Hubpage articles!
Working hard writing my Hubpage articles! | Source

I Did It!!!

I completed the 30 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge!!! Yippee! I am SO happy, and actually a bit surprised. I started off well, and very motivated. But somewhere along the journey, I started taking it easy a bit. It's when I hit about 17 hubs in 17 days, and felt I was doing pretty well that I started getting lax. I think I felt the pressure was off because I had been able to keep up, so it seemed easier than I had first thought. BUT, once I got out of the habit of writing every day, it was hard to get back into the swing of things.

Best Tip For Me

The one tip that helped me the most was on someone else's hub about completing the 30 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge. Unfortunately, I don't remember who it was that even suggested it, but it helped immensely. The tip was that it is okay to start a hub, then save it to finish on another day. That was like someone giving me permission to not have to finish everything all at once. I am a bit forgetful too (you can read about my ADD diagnosis in one of my hubs!). So, being afraid that I would forget a title that I had in mind for a hub, pushed me to log into my Hub Pages Account, click on the "Start a New Hub" tab, and then put down a title. I would then save it unpublished, but when I would log onto my account, there it would be. Sometimes I would just have the title, and sometimes I had a paragraph or two. When I got to day 21 and realized I was four hubs behind, and that day was almost over, I started to panic a bit and started thinking I may not be able to complete the challenge after all. Once I started entering titles for new hubs I had in mind, I didn't have to panic anymore about not making it. I had about 5 - 6 ideas in the Hub idea tank of my brain at any moment, and all I had to do was log onto my Hub Pages account to see them and decide which one I felt like working on. There was some freedom involved in that as well. I could pick and choose whichever topic drew me to it for that day. I currently have six more topics for hubs that I have started, and that's the average I had once I started just plugging in the titles and saving them. I had a few that really took a lot emotionally. When I would log on during certain nights, there were times I just wasn't up to baring my soul. So, I would save those for another day, when I had more time or emotional strength. And instead, choose something easier, or that just required lists of things with short explanations.


During the challenge, I had two different people encouraging me, in 2 different ways. The first was my husband...a wonderful man who is totally supportive of everything I do...even when he thinks I am a bit off my rocker. He told me every day that I could complete this challenge and that he believed in me. He believed in me even when I doubted myself, so eventually, I figured if he knew I could do it, then I must be able to.

The second person who encouraged me was my 17-year-old daughter. She didn't actually encourage me, but tried to discourage me by telling me I couldn't do it. She repeatedly reminded me that I often set goals that I then don't reach. I love this child like crazy, but we are very different people. I am a dreamer with my head in the clouds, and she is a very practical person. To her, the world is a very different place than it is to me. I think I have more hope than she does. But hope won't win this challenge, so I'm glad I had my husband and the tip to start a few articles at once in my corner. Both of those helped me reach the goal of 30 Hubs in 30 Days!

Update in May, 2018: I am now at the start of another HubPages Challenge: 10 Hubs in 30 Days. To read more about it, or join me and fellow hubber Chris Desatoff in this challenge, head on over to his article about this challenge under The Hub Factory here on HubPages.

30 Hubs in 30 Days

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