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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your HubScore

Updated on July 5, 2014
HubPages logo, copyright HubPages
HubPages logo, copyright HubPages

What is HubScore?

Every hub that you publish here on HubPages is given a score—a “HubScore”. This isn’t the same as your Hubber Score. To prevent confusion, I’ll be referring to Hubber Score as “Author Score” from here on.

Basically, assigning a flexible HubScore is a way that HubPages can assess the quality and successfulness of your hub. High-scoring hubs are more likely to be featured and will be given better coverage by HubPages. Naturally, hubs with better coverage will stand to receive more traffic, meaning you’ll get more ad impressions and a higher earning potential.

After you publish a hub, it will go through a quality assessment process. During this time your writing will be screened to make sure it doesn’t violate the HubPages user guidelines. Feedback from “hub hoppers” will also be collected and factor into the final calculations of your score.

After a while (usually not more than 24 hours), your hub will be scored by a number of different criteria, some of which are:

  • The informational value of your content
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Organization (of text and capsules)
  • Your current Author Score

Other factors that go into determining your HubScore may take some time to properly assess, such as:

  • Traffic to your hub
  • Readers’ responses to your hub (comments, feedback, etc.)
  • Your reputation in the HubPages community

HubScore is something that will increase with time as you keep publishing quality content and as your traffic increases. But it is important to try to get as good of an initial score as possible. Hubs that score below 40 will have a no-follow applied to any internal links. This really hurts your chances of being ranked decently in search engine results and of gaining exposure on HubPages.


My HubScore is low. How can I improve it?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any Voodoo magic you can perform to guarantee a good HubScore. However, there are a few ways that you can drastically improve your chances of getting a good score.

HubPages policy prevents me from discussing exact scores, but I will say that using these five tricks has helped me keep each of my HubScores above 75! Give them a try!

1. Don't post duplicate content.

It may seem tempting to post hubs on the same topics as everyone else, but duplicating content (whether intentional or not) can really hurt your chances of getting a good HubScore.

If you’re writing about something that’s been widely covered, try to present it using a fresh angle. What facets of the topic haven’t been explored? Why should people choose your article over others the genre? It may help to do a search of other author’s work to see what’s already out there. This can give you an idea of whether or not your work is adding something unique to the genre.

Make sure your hubs are also unique from each other. Don’t try to spam multiple versions of what is essentially the same hub. This will not only lead to a lower HubScore and Author Score, but may even result in getting your material removed from HubPages.

original from, edits mine
original from, edits mine

2. Don’t “fluff”. Give the reader something to read.

While a good hub doesn’t necessarily need to be long, it’s good to make sure that you’re giving your readers enough to chew on—so to speak. Sometimes a hub may seem long because of large photos and other capsules, but as far as written content goes, it’s…lacking. Having quality photos and other capsules is great! But don’t let them come at the expense of your written content!

Have you ever read through a couple paragraphs and realized that almost nothing was actually said? Don’t let that be true of your writing! If you’re going to write 1,000 words, give each one of them a reason to be there!

Another thing you can be on the lookout for when editing are “fluffy” bits that you can trim down. Especially since some readers may just be skimming your writing, make sure your writing is clear and easy to navigate through.

3. Check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and proper usage.

Each of my hubs had at least one blatant error before they were published. Sometimes I type fast and my brain shuts off. I’ve left entire sections of text out before. Other times, I’ll type something, look at it, and realize it makes no sense at all!

Before I even let my cursor get near the “publish” button, I review my work and check for errors…twice!

Keep in mind that part of your HubScore comes from the feedback of the authors who “hop” your hub. If they see a bunch of errors, they won’t score you very high in the grammar and mechanics category.

Editing your hub thoroughly will also lend to your credibility. Readers will have a hard time believing that you know what you’re talking about if they have to stumble over a bunch of typos and awkward phrasing!


4. Format your hub in a visually pleasing way!

Have you ever read an article that was one gigantic wall of text? I’d be willing to be that you didn’t read it all the way through. Most people wouldn’t. There’s only room for one Great Wall…and it’s in China.

It’s best when writing online articles to break your text into small paragraphs with space between them. Remember, readers need to be able to navigate through your writing! This will make it easy for them!

Let your photos, videos, and other capitals enhance the text, but don’t let them distract from it. Overdoing it will make your hub look cluttered. Previewing your work before publishing is a great way to check that your hub doesn’t look too busy and that readers won’t be distracted from reading the text!

5. Publish regularly, be active!

HubScore and Author Score may be two different things, but they can affect one another. Publishing regularly and being active in the HubPages community will improve your Author Score—which will usually increase the scores of your hubs!

Not sure how to be active? There are a number of things you can do that will boost your Author Score:

  • Read other authors’ hubs and leave insightful comments
  • Leave feedback for other authors
  • Hop some new hubs
  • Participate in forum discussion
  • Ask or answer questions

The only thing I would caution other (usually newer) authors from doing is going on “follow sprees”. I’ve noticed a common mistake other authors are making is to follow dozens and dozens of others in attempt to raise their Author Scores.

It won’t work. It just won’t. Don't do it.

HubPages will actually lower your Author Score if you begin following a large amount of people in a short time (or if you’re following significantly more people than are following you)! This is all spelled out in the HubPages FAQ.

Give it a try!

Remember, there’s no magic formula for an outstanding hub. But following these steps will help you to improve your current HubScores! It certainly helped me improve mine!

All the best!



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    • pen promulgates profile image

      pen promulgates 

      23 months ago from Mumbai, India

      Good advice!

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 

      4 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Good advice in this easy to follow hub. Well done.

    • Mariapesma profile image


      4 years ago from Greece

      Very interesting, some of them I have done but I have much to word do to improve my hubs . Try is the best work.

    • Kelsey Farrell profile image

      Kelsey Elise Farrell 

      4 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Thank you for this very helpful hub. I've been doing pretty well, but I am very competitive with myself and want my score to reach a certain point. How much of an effect do you think commenting and following has on your score? I seem to get plenty of commenters, but not so many followers. I also comment on other hubs plenty, put am particular about hubs that I follow.

    • Jojo Yousef profile image

      Jomana H 

      4 years ago

      Thank you, your hub is very Great because it help me to understand everything about my score and my hubs

    • Sharp Points profile image

      Sharp Points 

      4 years ago from Big Bear Lake, California

      Great hub, I didn't realize so much factored into the Hub score.

    • cinderella14 profile image


      4 years ago from Philippines

      I never did paid much attention to my hub score when I started but I became interested in knowing about it when I noticed the rise and drop of my score. Thank you for sharing this very helpful hub.

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Hub scores are becoming a puzzle but I can't help checking these everyday. First time, it panicked me but now, I just leave it. I do what I can and just leave my hub scores to yo-yo.

    • Rusty Quill profile image

      Rusty Quill 

      4 years ago

      I've noticed that as well BarbRad. My hubs/lenses with the highest traffic have some of the lowest scores. And some of the ones I think should be my best ones just aren't being scored very high. Guess it is all in flux right now as we get settled in. :)

    • ecogranny profile image

      Kathryn Grace 

      4 years ago from San Francisco

      Thanks for your time and expertise in writing this article. It is most helpful. I admit I'm a bit befuddled by these scores. I see quite a few articles sharing ways to improve them, but the FAQ and other articles seem to downplay them. Some folks have even said they don't matter at all, while others, like you, say they have a lot to do with SEO.

      Your article clears up a good deal of the confusion, and points me in a good direction, so I thank you again for the tips.

    • Linda BookLady profile image

      Linda Jo Martin 

      4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA

      Good basic information. The last one, about being active and publishing regularly - that's the one I need to work on.

    • BarbRad profile image

      Barbara Radisavljevic 

      4 years ago from Templeton, CA

      You've covered the basics. But for those of us who just had several new hubs land here from Squidoo, it will take time to get those scores up. One thing that has really shocked me is seeing that some of my most highly regarded lenses that were content -- not marketing lenses, have some of the lowest scores here. I've been working quite hard on one of them today. I hope it helps.

    • TwerkZerker profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Thanks for the read, Brenda! Happy Hubbing!

    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 

      4 years ago from Canada

      Seems like good information to me. Thanks for sharing. I trust that good quality Hubs is the most important factor to having a good author score on Hubpages.

    • TwerkZerker profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      Hey, Seasons Greetings!

      That's definitely true! I noticed it at first when I took a few weeks off from HubPages to focus on studying for my semester finals. Since I wasn't responding to comments, etc., my individual HubScores dipped a little and my Hubber Score went down as well!

      Being active on the site certainly does have its perks!

    • Seasons Greetings profile image

      Laura Brown 

      4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Being active does make a difference, even for posts which have a great score and great traffic (when they are new). I have seen my other account and all the posts lose momentum by a lot once I stopped posted as often.

    • TwerkZerker profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Thanks for the read, ezzly!

    • ezzly profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks , nice work.

    • TwerkZerker profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Hi lions44!

      Using better titles helped me, too! When I first stated writing here, I always made mine way too long. I think that counted against me. After I cleared them up a little, my hub score went up. One hub went up four points just from changing word order!

      Thanks for reading!

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      5 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Great advice. One of the best things I've done is use better titles. I've changed a couple and it has helped. I'm not the NY Post, but I do think it helps drive the reader to my hubs. Voted up.


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