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50 Hubs and promising stats on traffic, earnings and more

Updated on March 19, 2013

Up to the moment I was posting this hub, it had not yet hit me that I was actually doing my number 50 Hub. Only when I did post this hub that I checked on my profile and seeing that it was reading “You have published 50 hubs” that I believed I had really done it.

Publishing 50 Hubs may not actually be a big deal to the more experienced Hubbers but for myself I feel great, and why not when I have already accomplished and surpassed my initial goal of posting a hub every two days. Here is my progress on accomplishing the 50 Hubs mark on Hubpages.

Publishing 50 Hubs
Publishing 50 Hubs | Source

Writing and posting Hubs

I would say that writing here on early days just after joining Hubpages was kind of bumpy. I did struggle to post a Hub every two days especially because I was still learning the drills.

Twice I have been put on moderation but I did also manage to come out of it. My suggestion here for anyone who might be under moderation is that, don’t feel frustrated.

If Hubpages team has asked you to revise your Hub or your Hub has been unpublished for some reasons, there is always some information that accompanies such actions. Read the information, warnings and the automatic emails from Hubpages team that explains the violation.

By doing so, you will be in a better position to understand what the problem is and avoid that in future. Once you edit your Hub and re-submit, it is always good to let Hubpages team know by sending them and email through

Another challenge that I have encountered while writing Hubs is trying not to post a Hub that is under 800 words. Shorter Hubs are not recommended on Hubpages and my target of words in every hub has been 800-1500 words.

Writing a Hub of this word count needs concrete information. My suggestion here is to always do a research of what you are about to write so that when you craft the Hub, you have enough information.

The 50 Hubs accolade
The 50 Hubs accolade

Promoting Hubs

Since I’m not yet versed with the use of keywords and SEO strategies to give my Hubs a little push over the internet (though I could be using SEO unknowingly), the only method I’m using so far is to promote my Hubs on social media and bookmarking sites for backlinks. What about blogging? I’m still trying to decide whether to try Wordpress or Blogger and your suggestions here are very welcome.

How To Make Money Online

Publishing 50 Hubs
Publishing 50 Hubs | Source
Publishing 50 Hubs
Publishing 50 Hubs | Source

I promote my Hubs through, Pinterest,, PearlTrees, Digg, StumpleUpon, Flipora, Reddit, RedGage, Blink, eHow, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

I aslo try very much to participate here on Hubpages by reading other Hubbers work, voting and posting comments.

Read about how you can promote your Hubs on and here.

How to promote your Hubs on

How to promote your Hubs on

Submitting RSS to RSS submission sites also helped to push my articles on search engines. I have submitted my Hubs RSS to Google, Yahoo search, Bing, Search Babylon, Search mywebsearch and Search conduit.

This I have seen it working and currently I get more traffic from Google than any other source. Word of caution though when promoting your Hubs is that, DO NOT overdo it.

Hitting a site with too many links from the same domain can land you into problems as you can be blacklisted. As you might have noted, my list of social media is long and my trick has been to have a long list but post one or two links to every site.

Article marketing is another field i'm trying to get hook on. I usually write short summaries of my articles and post to article submission sites such as EzineArticles and SeekSucess for backlinks and although this may look like a double work the effort is worthy.

Some of the Hubs links i have shared on Flipora feed share

Feed on Flipora feedshare
Feed on Flipora feedshare | Source
Increase Hubs traffic
Increase Hubs traffic | Source
Hubs traffic stats on Google analytics
Hubs traffic stats on Google analytics | Source

Hubs traffic

Talking of Hubs traffic, well what do I say? I have seen low, average and high traffic on my Hubs since I joined Hubpages. My hubs daily traffic has been rising steadily until the start of London Olympics when it up surged to a daily average of over 3,300 views.

I don’t expect the five Hubs about London Olympics to sustain this daily traffic and I expect the traffic to fall to around 1,600 views per day, the level it was before the Olympics.

Writing articles that readers will always like to read is the best strategy of getting long run traffic. When you combine this with a little push on promotion and use of keywords then you might get the desired traffic, but there is a lot about driving traffic to your hubs than I can say here.

Lately, I’m trying to write more of evergreen articles that have audience all year round. The traffic might not be spikey but it can be steady for many years.

Hubs stats from "My account"
Hubs stats from "My account" | Source
Hubpages earnings
Hubpages earnings | Source

Earnings from Hubs

One thing about Hubs earnings is that the more you write quality hubs, the more traffic you get and the more you earn. When I got my AdSense account towards the end of May 2012, I started by earning less than a dollar per day on Hubpages Ad Program, then it went to $1 per day towards mid July 2012.

By end of July 2012, daily earnings were averaging at $2.5. Because of the spike traffic from the five hubs about London Olympics, the earnings are averaging to about $7 per day but I expect them to fall to about $2.5 per day after the Olympics. The good news to me is that I’m expecting my first payout this month (August, 2012), three months after joining Hubpages.

What about AdSense and eBay programs? Well, these two are not doing very well compared to Hubpages Ad Program probably due to the nature of traffic that I’m getting not being a potential customer oriented traffic. AdSense and eBay programs are at an average of €0.2 and $0.15 respectively per day.

Hubs earnings
Hubs earnings | Source

Thank you Hubpages and Thank you Hubpages community

On my 50th Hub, I would like to thank Hubpages for giving me a chance to be an online writer, Hubpages platform is awesome and user friendly and can sweep anyone with passion in writing into action with ease. Hubpages community and my fellow Hubbers thank you a lot for weren’t it due to your support and help, I wouldn’t have made it this far. If you are reading this article and you have a passion in writing but you have not yet joined Hubpages, I suggest you join Hubpages today.


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