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A Hub for Hubbers:Traffic

Updated on October 14, 2012

To ping or not to ping?

So, you have written a hub.You are proud of your work and rightly so.When I hop hubs here,it is a pleasure because most of them are so creative and well-written.Now the achievement of publishing your hub is over,is it time for the torture of getting backlinks or not. Think about why you wrote the hub.You want people to read it,of course!Well, you are in the right place because your fellow-hubbers are avid readers-it comes with the territory of being writers.

What motivates you to be here?You want the elusive opportunity of earning revenue from your hubs and to be a successful writer at the same time. If you are publishing,you are already successful. The only question that remains is whether or not those elusive backlinks are worth the slavery of trying to get them. Why not try "branding" instead of backlinking


I think this is a better idea but I don't know this for sure. The world-wide-web is very vast and trying to make your mark on it is no mean feat. The adsense earnings are small and even though the hubpages ad earnings are so much better,they are slow as well,naturally enough with all the competition and the fact that people do just read without clicking ads.

Branding is building a reputation and the aim in writing is to get returning visitors unlike internet marketing which is about one visit and making a sale. Regular readers are a better alternative to traffic. You could focus your time more constructively by developing a readership instead of slogging to get organic traffic. My search engine traffic is about a quarter of my readership which is enough.

I can't see the point of all that work for very little gain.I do know from experience that the search engines find you without the slog. I also know that the slogging away at getting backlinks works too because one gets more organic traffic if you bother to do it.

You are in exactly the right place for getting regular readers.You are in exactly the right place for getting search engine traffic automatically without the work.I know I read the stuff of the people I follow and look forward to their next hubs and I choose not to miss out on reading good writing by spending the time pinging and backlinking.


Maybe you are not convinced by this. Some of you are here longer and have more experience but isn't getting a good reputation in the hubpages community not a better idea to get the readers first and the rest of the traffic will follow on afterwards?I think that is what the successful hubbers do.

Ok, you have time on your hands now because you are freed from the traffic treadmill,right? You are not inspired to write another hub yet so try this instead:Check out some of the many bookmarking sites which are smaller than facebook and twitter.Choose one or two that you can "brand" yourself in. My favourites are linkedin and stumbleupon because I got readers from stumbleupon first via social adr so now I know it is worth my while trying it as a niche even though it is very anonymous.

The last word

Ignore the rest of the above if it suits you but this is really important:Test your traffic generation techniques instead of trying everything at once. I had a good spike in my traffic one day last week but I haven't a clue what caused it because I was too busy pinging everywhere to figure out what I did right.

So now, it is time to take a break from traffic stuff and start off again by doing one thing at a time the next time so I know what works best.

Hope your traffic will be plentiful :-)


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    • Kate Mc Bride profile image

      Kate McBride 5 years ago from Donegal Ireland

      Thanks for your feedback nancynurse

    • nancynurse profile image

      Nancy McClintock 5 years ago from Southeast USA

      Good content and well written. I will take you up on using stumble upon. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kate Mc Bride profile image

      Kate McBride 5 years ago from Donegal Ireland

      Cheers for those two top tips because I am slow to link but I do know the value of it and need to learn . Putting them in as you go along is the best way. Speaking of tools-the new hub hopper is more objective and generates more accurate information,doesn't it?

      There was war there now in the forum about it,then somebody made a great joke about storms following storms-I am still laughing lol.

      You are kind to take the time to be so encouraging,thanks :-)

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 5 years ago from California

      Nice reminder to chick on ads as we read.

      When I write I put my links in as I go along. When you are writing there will be what looks like chain link in the editing bar. Highlight the word or phrase you want to link then click on the chain link. A drop down bar will give you options to search for other hubs you have written, other hubbers hubs and Amazon links as well .

      To break the link ,while you are in edit mode click on the icon that looks like a broken link and the highlight is gone.

      This may be best tool on the bar.