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A to Z Guide for Hubpages Beginners and Intermediates

Updated on July 2, 2012

I hope this humble hub will help in a way...

This is actually a bold move of making a hub about improving the hubbing experience of the so-called rookies, newbies, newcomers or starters of HubPages. I hope I have the honor to share my ideas for I consider myself toddler given the amount of time I already spent here which is just few months, but someway, somehow I still whipped out priceless experience and pocket-sized triumphs already. Now here are my ideas and tricks that help me survived the jungle that is HubPages. I hope it will help you write well with your hubs in the days ahead and get familiar with the HubPages environment.


Here are some acronyms commonly used in HubPages:

BTW - By The Way

LMAO - Laugh My Ass Off

FYI - for your information

TBH - to be honest

PDQ - pretty damn quick

IMO - in my opinion

IDK - I don't know

ROFL - Rolling on the floor laughing

AFK - Away from the keyboard

Etc Etc (Etcetera)


We're here to earn decent income although some does hubbing for fun while others create hubs to help and inform other people, but most Hubbers are here to write and showcase their flair to get a slice of the lucrative advertisements. AdSense gives you the awesome chance to earn while writing. I’ve seen and heard of the whopping earnings of a well-experienced Hubbers as they can collar as much as $500 above a month and this is the testament that hubbing is indeed a worthwhile endeavor. Remember that “A journey to a thousand mile begins with a single step,” and applying for an Adsense account must be one of your priority.

Here’s a great hub about AdSense made by my pal alexd181

Jumpstart your way in making hubs smoothly with this HubPages Guide, a must read for a starter who skipped reading this.


Explore and conquer, be cautious with the HubPages environment and keep an eye for hubs that will help you learn the ropes of hubbing well and have these valuable hubs bookmarked immediately. For all of these, will serve you in good stead. HubPages is a social website many people here share their fantastic and truly viable ideas in how to dish out great hubs with optimum efficiency and finesse; you are just few clicks away from them.

Here are some links that are worthy of getting bookmarked:

Frogdropping ---

aidenofthetower ---

Back links

Learn about back linking in a wonderful hub whipped out by enigmatic and dynamic Mark Knowles.


This is a cutting edge hub from darkside, click the link to learn more about capsules. darkside is one of the most helpful and amiable hubber in the forums I salute his good deeds in replying your faqs as well as mine, wakikik.


The art of commenting wakikik, the positive and negative comments made in your hubs by visitors are all important and helpful. Why? The positive comments will reinforce and surely help you boosts your Hub Score, while the negative comments will add spice to your hubs, as you’ll be able to learn about your mistakes that will help you make better hubs in the days ahead. Moreover, the people that made negative comments will keep on coming back to your hubs to track your response, hehehe, an optimizer’s technique in getting views. Here's a nice Tip, don’t get irritated with those negative comments, play with them and try to mount and throw counter attacks but in a nice and polite manner.


Dreaming is free; motivate yourself to come up with great ideas because your creative juices will appear only if you’re fired-up and inspired. It's okay to be realistic but it is better to be pessimistic as well. While you dream, put your act together to make them reality.


Writing is a tough job indeed, remember that thinking is equivalent to working whole day, now, how can you be able to overcome the rigors of writing. To be resilient and relatively tough you need to have a nice appetite, very good sleep and enough rest, and exercise.

First Paragraph

A Hubber’s trick, be sure that your desired tags should appear in your first paragraph. It is advisable to make your first paragraph have at least 150 words. This works well with 100% efficiency.


Forums is essential to your success here at Hubpages... It is the portal to gain friends and even enemies nyahahaha. This is the place to ask questions and when lady Luck smiles at you hehehe, you'll get lightning replies hehehe. Moreover, you'll get to know about anything under the sun hehehe and even non-sense things too hehehe... and if you'll love heated arguments and fiery debates just visit the Religion Thread and be sure you're equipped with an arsenal of lots of stock knowledge hehehe to pull through.


Patronize Google tools hehehe, for they are the ones that give us chance to earn with their Adsense, besides they give us quality searching with their reliable and truly effective search engines that helps millions of individuals with their researching needs and provide information and entertainment.

Here’s one of the best hub about Google hehehe from my then nemesis, Mark Knowles


Learn more about the Terms of Service of HubPages to avoid getting banned. HubPages offers tutorials and cutting edge tips that makes hubbing a lot easier and can be fun. If you have ample time try joining the HubMob and/or the HubChallenge to boost your exposure, experience and traffic. If you are chosen as a HubNugget Wannabe do your best to promote your works to your friends in and out of HubPages to help you land in the five chosen HubNuggets and get the chance to have your Hub promoted.

Feel free to visit my hub which is a HubNugget, wakikik...

Inject Life

If you have a Hub that is not working well, with each score of your individual hub try to inject life to it by exerting more capsules and add more texts to it.


Hubbing is about writing, how you could expect that people will read or pay attention to your hubs when you didn’t even know journalism on the first place. Learn the essentials of writing and try indulging yourself to subjects and topics about journalism. Also try to work on with your grammar (for faulty grammar will surely affect your scores), and as much as possible avoid making typographical errors by means of editing and proofreading your hubs.

Here’s your guide in writing with dignity hehehe… a bit… by mommyfreelancer, this is also a certified HubNugget


I strongly suggest that you visit this Hub by yoshi97:

This powerful Hub is armed with great information about Using Keywords or Tags, which can also be use as your URL, in extracting traffic, knowing if it is good to make a certain article in topic of your choice and scout competition. I enjoyed reading this Hub so much, and was helpful to me lately.

Learn more about keywords with this link:


Expand your horizons; go to nearby libraries, to equip yourself with unending potential topics that you might tap to make quality hubs. Searching the internet for your topics is not that plausible and advisable since you make a repetition of the existing article(s).


You need the milestones to keep you floating in HubPages and make your Hubbing experience worthwhile.


Work your way on top to create a niche, make sure that your hubs has less competition or make it to higher page ranks in various search engines. How to do it, have an informative hub that is well-written, interesting and unique. Google and other search engines favor those hubs that are presentable and helpful hubs.

Original Content

Original Content is excellent when you are after Author Score for ego and self-esteem, but getting traffic is better since this gives you chance to earn by visitors clicks, remember that the more visitors you’ll have the more chance of extracting clicks, this well translate to earnings. Rely on research to make topics interesting and informative. But never copy content but research works will surely add spice and life to your articles.


I know a site that gives you chance to get nice pictures that you can integrate with your Hubs without worrying about copyrights and this is the may also use any pictures available from the internet but be sure your are giving them credit. For instance if you copy paste a picture from, don't forget to mention the website where the picture comes from underneath the pictures. Your Author Score and Hub Score will not get hurt doing this, but still original pictures are the best if you have them and Hp will certainly be happy with it hehehe.

See capsule above.

Pay attention to the pictures I used in this hub I made:


One of the capsule that you can use, Quiz capsule will add some flair and interest to your hubs, do this when necessary. See capsule above.


Want to have your hubs have plausible comments, then you have to read and make comments first to the to the other Hubbers or try to gain a lot of friends to have those positive and truly encouraging comments, remember that those thumbs up given to your hubs will translate to higher hub Score and will surely give you the much-needed lift in raising your Author Score. For sure owners of some of the hubs you visited will likewise to the same thing to you, which is visit your hubs as well. The Third Newton’s Law of Motion which states that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.


Make as many fans as you can by mingling well or by reading as many hubs as you can and making comments hehehe to win their hearts. Remember that fanning spree will hurt your hubscore according to some seasoned Hubbers. Join the forums and be friendly there and avoid getting involved with controversial topics to save your skin from impending disaster, hehehe. HubPages people are unforgiving when you step on the line try to have as many friends in your social sites like Friendster, Facebook, and the likes then promote your hubs to them.

Here’s another nice hub from alexd181:


Getting traffic is actually driving people to view your hubs. There are ways to drive traffic to your Hubs by promoting your Hubs in social sites like Friendster, Facebook, Tagged, Fanbox, Twitter and More. Still, for me making hubs to the best of your capabilities is still the most effective way of getting traffic, if HubPages will notice your article they will feature it and certainly this will surely boosts your traffic. I experience this with my two Hubs and of them is this one which is now getting a steady views or more a day, since it was promoted.

Here’s oderog’s nice hub about getting traffic:



See Original Content hehehe, can’t think about U yet hehehe…

Video Clips

Spice up your hubs with cool and easy video clips from youtube and other sites to embed or to link with. See capsule above.


Get Loose, Show what stuff you are made of and show the world what you’ve got, don’t get bothered with other people might say to your hubs the main point here is you enjoy what you are doing and getting ample traffic, but please dont make moves that might stir troubles or a hornet’s nest.


Work well with your avatar, try to come up with the best profile. Sell yourself well. Your profile info is your resume here and your banner to attract and get prospective visitors, remember that Adsense recognizes visitor’s clicks in your profile as a page impression and your profile contains ads too with your fan’s pages


Yes you can do it, believe in your capabilities and never give up. Enjoy, explore and earn.


Reach for the stars and the pinnacle of the HubPages and do your best all the time.

This is a community hub, for hardcore hubbers you are welcome to give some more useful and informative tips to broaden this article further…

Thanks for dropping by and reading this hub…

This will be constantly updated from time to time…

My 23rd hub in the HubChallenge 2nd Batch


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