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Article Promotion - How To Promote Your Articles

Updated on December 16, 2014
Article promotion
Article promotion

We have all heard time and time again that writing articles is great way to get traffic to your website, what they usually fail to tell you is that you have to get traffic to your articles.

Article promotion is a bit different than website promotion in that you can target specific categories with your articles that you can easily rank for.

For example if you have a website about auto parts, you will study search terms related to auto parts. You might find that there are many searches for used tires lowest price. You can then write an article on finding used tires at the lowest price.

This is a very detailed category that likely has little to no competition. Therefore it will rank high in search results once it is indexed.

The proper method of article promotion is to write many of these articles targeting specific search terms and your main keyword with each article. This will bring you plenty of search traffic and as time goes on you will begin to rank for your target keyword.


Other Methods Of Article Promotion

  • Social bookmarking sites such as digg, and yahoo buzz can bring a decent amount of traffic if you are active and contributing to the sites.  
  • Actively participating in forums and using a signature link in your posts will bring you a good deal of traffic.  
  • Commenting on blogs will help somewhat but don't expect to see large numbers.  

Article marketing is a technical form of promotion, but it is very simple process that is very effective if you are organized.

Example:   Forums,blogs,bookmarking sites>article directories>larger article sites (hubpages)>your website.

That's it, its that simple. thanks for reading and I wish you good luck!


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