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Cheers! 1 month on Hubpages!!!!!!

Updated on December 11, 2014


Well Well Well, I’ve just completed my first month on Hubpages and so I still have a mountain of things to learn whilst still looking back at the flurry of things I’ve managed to pick up along the way. I mean, naturally I’m still very inexperienced but I see where writing this hub will allow me to track my progression. Maybe I could even help out those who are just experiencing their first week or their first couple of days. But mostly I hope to get help from some of those who are already quite prolific on Hubpages. So if there's any popular hubber reading this article please leave a comment and let me know what you think; that would really be helpful.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Source: Dwight Phoenix
Source: Dwight Phoenix

My beginnings

Truthfully I’ve joined Hubpages for about a month now, but I’ve only started writing in under two weeks ago. What I did was to spend the first two weeks, musing my options as to what topics to write on, reading about Hubpages, learning all that it had to offer and also read about some of its prominent writers. It was also during this time that I tried to clear all my doubts and uncertainties about the site; “Is this for me?” And as it turned out it was for me. Now I say that because naturally I’m someone who is easily inspired; like setting ablaze a wild fire. I had ideas springing off the top of my head like a giddy child; which I sort of am anyway. I was able to write 7 hubs in the next two weeks and this was with great restraint. However I soon found out later in the little time I’ve been on this site that truly the amount of hubs you write doesn't necessarily make you ‘Awesome!’ What I’ve seen from a lot of writers even thought still taking into account the quantity factor, they still try to take the time to ensure that their hubs are high class (quality over quantity). Guys you should really check this guy out bdegiulio, he’s really doing a good job and has a lot we could learn from. There’s a lot of other writers out there like him. Just a tip guys, I realize that we don’t make it on our own. Hubpages is a sort of interdependent construct and you’re going to need to learn from folks like bdegiulio to make it. There lots of good writers on this stimulating website so you should be able to find one and ask questions.

Make a guess

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The ‘Crazy’

Now, I made mention above where I said that I wrote 7 hubs in under two weeks ‘with great restraint’. What I find is that Hubpages can be quite addicting. Especially if you were already a lover of words like me, or even if you’re simply inspired by something or have something interesting to say. You could find yourself spending a good amount of hours glaring at the computer screen with excited fingers digging away at the keyboard. Now I didn’t mention this, but I’m a college student, and for some unknown reason I decided to sign up during the onset of my exams. Even now as I am writing this hub I’m already sandwiched by Electromagnetics and Microprocessors and Micro-Controllers. But don’t worry guy’s I’m doing fine. I’m also trying to write a book now in its last chapter. However, I've slightly halted its progress so that I could make some time for hubpages. Naturally I’m someone with a wealth of hobbies so I had to remind myself that this is hubpages ‘hobby pages’. I’d like to think that that’s where the name originated from. Meaning, that this is a hobby and you still have a life of important things to do. In addition to that I had to learn how to balance my time effectively so that I could write hubs and still be able to walk into class and understand stroke’s theorem (chuckles). However this doesn’t mean that you shouldn't go crazy once in a while.

Responsibilities (School)

Source: Dwight Phoenix       Imagine finishing this book while writing two hubs?
Source: Dwight Phoenix Imagine finishing this book while writing two hubs?

Problems I've faced (or is facing)

Now I’m already sure that I should expect more challenges in the near future according to what I’ve heard from the popular guys. But there are still a few things that I believe I could voice having been here in only a months time.

  • Processing what you want to write- Yes even people like me who confesses to loving words will have sporadic writers block; just for short moments. But it still can be annoying. Also, the opposite maybe true. You could have too much to say and a struggle with which idea you should unleash to your readers. And this is because you want to ensure that what you put out there will be read! Which of course is very important.
  • Getting visits to your sites- Now this is one part I think I’ve probably failed immensely, and so I’m still learning. I’ve seen where persons are getting 12,000 visits and all I can think of is; how in the world! To date the most of visits I’ve had on my best hub is 26. OUCH!
  • Learning about adsenes- It just keeps getting harder and harder. Now when I came to Hubpages I wasn’t really trying to earn anything. I was just here for the fun of getting my stuff published online. However when I learnt about adsense, I watched a couple of videos that made the process seem easy, and then thought I would give it a wing. To date it’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done on the internet next to downloading a 50 GB video game! Now the sad truth is that I still don’t have an active account, and as such I can’t even think of earning a cent as yet. But I’m not going to give up!

Patience is the key, Right?

Source: Dwight Phoenix
Source: Dwight Phoenix

On the whole I can say that Hubpages is very enthralling and captivating. It has a lot to offer to anyone who wants to learn about writing, or who wants to do something meaningful or even for those who want to earn online. In the long run. I would encourage anyone to hop onto Hubpages.

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