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Follow the Gold Nugget Road

Updated on July 30, 2019

The Storm

There we were the minding our own business busily working when a great gush of wind pushed against the house. We had been working so hard we hadn't noticed the threatening clouds forming and the winds building. When we finally noticed it felt like the house was moving with each gust of wind. . After all, we we all had gathered here the weather was fine. The sun was shining, the birds was singing and there was a beautiful gentle breeze blowing. Now the skies were turning black and the gusts of wind rattled every window and down in the house. Patty Inglish walked to the window to see just what was going on outside.

"Guy, I think we might have a problem," Patty said as she turned to face the group. It looks like we're in for a whale of a storm."

RedElf stretched and meandered over to stand beside Patty to look out the window. "I didn't hear anything about a storm coming."

"Well, actually, I didn't have time to watch the weather channel this morning. I was running a wee bit late." purred Enelle Lamb.

Suddenly a huge gust of wind blew the window in flinging a coffee cup on the floor. The cup rolled into the corner and stopped. "Oh, dear" said KoffeeKlatch Gals looking to make sure she was still in one piece. "I think I made it without a chip or a crack." Looking around she asked, "Where's Zsuzsy Bee? She was here hiding in my cup and now I don't see her anywhere."

Bending over and looking under the couchLadyJane1 said, "Here she is." Pulling Zsuzsy Bee out she brushed her off and set her down on the couch next to her. "Are you OK?"

"Yes, I think so", replied Zsuszy.

"Just where did you guys come from?" asked Ripplemaker. "I thought you guys were in the kitchen making a snack."

"We were but there was a terrible wind and when we looked out the window it pulled us out and we circled around and around the house. I don't know what would have happened if that window hadn't broken." explained Zsuzsy Bee in a rush.

"Calm down everyone," said Patty "This can't possibly last too long."

"I wouldn't be too sure of that." drawled RedElf. "I think I just saw Jason and Maddie fly past the window in a golf cart."

"Oh, let me see" said Enelle Lamb drawing back the curtains. "It is them, what are they doing out there? Look in the back set is Simone Smith and Fawntia Fowlera."

"What are they doing? They can't be flying." Looking down KoffeeKlatch Gals changed her mind. "I was wrong. They are flying."

"What are we going to do?" cried ladyjane1. "We have to help them."

Quickly putting their heads together, after all time was of the essence, they managed to come up with what they thought of as a workable plan.

Joining hands they formed a human chain so Patty would not be pulled out of the window by the howling swirling wind. She was going to lean out of the window and grab onto the cart and pull it close to the house so the others could climb in. It would take superhuman strength but she was up to the challenge.

The next time the saw the golf cart pass the window Patty Inglish called out "Grab hold next round."

Jason waved and the group let out a collective sigh. He understood.

Seconds later there they were again, this time Patty was reaching for the cart and Jason was reaching for the windowsill. While they hung on for dear life simone, Fawntia and Maddie scrambled into the window. Once inside Maddie leaned out to help hold the cart so Jason could join them inside.

Everyone lay sprawled on the floor exhausted but still trying to all talk at once about what was going on. Suddenly they hit someting solid with a terrible bang knocking them all out cold.


The Landing

One by one we all woke up and sat up looking around at each other, wondering what in the world had happened.

"Is everyone OK?" asked Jason.

Patty slowly stretched and replied, "I don't think anythings broken."

One by one we all mumbled a reply letting everyone know we were still in one piece.

Slowly getting up Simone Smith glanced out the window. Outside was awash with bright vibrant colors. It looked like they had landed in the most colorful flower garden in the world.

"What's out there?"

"What do you see?"

"Why won't you answer?"

The questions came poring out from everyone so fast it was hard to tell who said what. Simone simply pointed to the outside.

We all scrambled up to see what was out there.

"Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?" breathedLadyJane1.

I wonder where we are." said Ripplemaker.

"I don't know where we are," whispered Fawntia Fowler, "But I'm pretty sure we're not in HubLand anymore."


The Journey

Bravely, one by one, the group reluctantly walked out of the doorway. Looking around they could see nothing but flowers, masses of beautiful flowers. But, what was that, there among the flowers? Little movements. Yes, there was something hiding among the flowers. Suddenly tiny little people jumped out and began singing,

Hooray the Bad Man's dead,

Which Bad Man,

The Wicked Bad Man,

Hooray the Big Bad Man is dead!

Well, that certainly confused us all. Looking around we saw shriveled up legs with big red patent leather boots at the end of them. The little people ran excitedly over pointing at the boots. Suddenly they disappeared. Looking down at his feet Jason was shocked to see the boots on his feet.

Behind us in a puff of smoke Judge Bee appeared in her long black robes and a wand in her hand with a gavel on the end of it. "Jason, old bean, those boots have given you power. I'm not quite sure what kind but know that it's something great. If you can ever find out what it is. Anyway, you people need to get a move on. You need to go see the Wizard of Hubs. He's the only one who can help you get back all of your HubNugget Hubs."

Looking at her wrist she exclaimed, "You'd better hurry. You're running out of time."

"Wait,"Patty cried out, "Where the heck do we find the Wizard of Hubs?"

The little people broke out in song once more:

Follow the Gold Nugget Road,

Follow the Gold Nugget Road,

Follow, follow, follow, follow

Follow the Gold Nugget Road.

Deciding it was their only choice the group began dancing down the Gold Nugget Road waving good bye.

"I don't know about all of this." said KoffeeKlatch Gals. "It kind of reminds me of something I seen or heard before. I just can't put my finger on it."

"It'll come to you Gal." said Ripplemaker. "It does seem strangely familiar.


If I Only Had a Brain

The group walked and walked and walked, finally coming to a cornfield. There is the cornfield was a scruffy scarecrow struggling to get down off of his stand.

"Oh thank you. I've been up there for ages." cried the scarecrow. "Where are you headed?"

Enelle Lamb stepped up and said, "We're going to see the Wonderful Wizard of Hubs. He's the only one who can help us find our HubNugget Hubs."

"Oh, can I go with you?" asked the scarecrow excitedly. "I can ask him for a brain."

I could pass away the hours,

Talking with the flowers,

And finding your lost hubs,

I would find them in a minute

and return them to my new friends

If I only had a brain.

Looking at each other they nodded in agreement and waved him on.

"you know, Maddie" said Ripplemaker. "I think Gal might be right, it does seem awfully familiar."

"I feel like I've been here before." agreed Maddie.


If I Only Had a Heart

The group walked on until they reached the beginning of a forest.

"This looks like a good spot to stop and rest for a few minutes." said Enelle Lamb.

Groaning the group sat down along the edge of the Gold Nugget Road. Sitting quietly they were all too tired to speak. Then from a few feet in a muffled noise drew their eyes towards the woods.

"Well, I know I'm not the only one who heard that." exclaimed RedElf. "I'm going to see what that noise was."

Disappearing into the trees RedElf left the group behind. A minute later she cried out. "Come and look at what I found.

Groaning the group pushed themselves up and wandered over. "Why it's a tin man." said Fawntia "Hurry. lets get him all oiled up so he can talk to us."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." the tin man happily shouted. "I've been rusted since I don't know when. Where are you going?"

"Why we're going to see the Wonderful Wizard of Hubs. He's the only one who can help us get back out HubNugget Hubs"

"Oh, can I go with you. I can ask him for a heart." said the tin man.

When a man's an empty vessel

He can't be real successful

He can't be help very much

I am just sort of guessing

That your hubs I'd be possessing

If I only had a heart.

"Sure come on along" waved ladyjane1. "You know guys there is something very odd going on. I swear I've done this before.

"Yeah, it's kind of like we know what's going to happen next." agreed RedElf


If I Only Had the Nerve

As they got deeper into the woods each member of the group began to look deep into the trees, not quite sure of what they were looking for. Then all of the sudden there it was. A snarling, growling lion jumping right in front of them blocking their path.

"Boo" yelled Enelle Lamb.

The lion jumped back and ran into the woods trembling and crying.

"Now how did you know he would do that?" asked Jason.

"I don't know. replied Enelle. "I just had a feeling. Sort of like It's happened before."

Ripplemaker ran into the woods behind the lion. "Come back lion. We won't hurt you."

The group gathered around the lion as he sniffed and shook. "Where are you going?" he asked timidly.

"Why, we're going to see the Wonderful Wizard of Hubs. He's the only one who can help us get our HubNuggetsback." said Patty Inglish. "You know, I'm starting to get tired of saying that."

"You are" said the cowardly lion. "Please. please, please let me go."

It's so sad, believe me, mister,

When your more scared than your sister,

and really have no nerve.

But I could rescue your lost hubs

And get your hub back up and going

If I only had the nerve.

"All right, come on." sighed Simone. "What's one more."

Shaking her head KoffeeKlatch Gals mumbled to herself "Yes, this is all so oddly familiar."



The Arrival

Finally we reached the city. We didn't get the reception we were hoping for. Oh, people were friendly, but I guess we were hoping for something more.  I guess we were kind of hoping the HubNugget Hubs would miraculously appear. Well, they didn't. Instead we talked to a strange looking bald headed man who didn't help us, any of us. Instead we were sent on a mission. To obtain help with getting back our HubNugget Hubs for this weeks hubs or the brain for the scarecrow, or the heart for the tine man, or the courage for the lion, we had to go out and get the typewriter of the Big Bad Boy that we had squished with the house.

Now, I know I don't have the tell you just how tired and discouraged we were. But, what choice did we have. So off we went to find the typewriter. Unfortunately we would have to tangle with the evil twin of the Big Bad Boy.


The Search

So, once again we're on the road. This time trying to find an evil witch, the Bad Boy's twin sister Bad Girl. And I guess, we'll have to try to convince her that we're not as bad as she thinks. After all, it really wasn't our fault that the house fell on her brother.

Before long we spotted the witch's castle. We knew it had to be her castle because it looked so spooky. As we approached it was unanimously decided that we were going to have come up with a different plan. Anyone who lived in a place like this wasn't going to just hand over the typewriter.

We just decide to play it by ear. Take it as it came. Jason walked up to the door and politely knocked. That was the wrong thing to do. It turns out that they play by different rules here. The door flew open and the wicked Bad Girl and her Flying Raccoons surrounded us, taking us prisoner. Well, one thing led to another. They shoved us up the stairway and guess what, there was the typewriter, sitting there out in the open. The scarecrow grabbed it, the witch tried to burn him with her nasty cigarette and jason threw a pail of water trying to put the fire out. He missed our friend the scarecrow but soaked the witch. We all stared in amazement while she melted into a puddle.

The racoons began flying around in circles singing joyfully.

Hooray the witch is dead,

Which old witch,

The Bad Girl witch,

Hooray the Bad Girl witch is dead.

Well, we grabbed up that typewriter in a hurry and left the raccoons merrily celebrating the demise of the Bad Girl witch.

As we ran out the door we all realized at that moment that we had been living in a movie. No wonder we had all kept feeling that old familiar feeling.

When we arrived at the Golden City with the typewriter in hand we found out that the Wizard of HubLand had had the HubNugget Hubs all along. He just needed the typewriter. We all decided no harm no foul and parted friends. Jason found out what the special power was of the red patent leather boots when he accidentally clicked his heels together. We all landed with a bump back in the house where it all had begun. In neat little piles all of the HubNugget Hubs were patiently waiting for us to get on with the business of completing the nominations.



The Happy Ending

And we lived happily ever after. Well, sort of. We were happy enough, we did get back our HubNugget Hubs. And, we were able to get the nominees picked and on line. Yes, we were happy.

Now it's time for you out there in HubLand to do your part. Make sure you vote for your favorite hub. Let all your friends and relatives know about it. Encourage them to some, read, and vote. And all of you nominees, don't be shy. Let everyone know your hub has been chosen as a HubNugget Wannabe Hub. It's a terrific honor and each one of you deserve it. We are proud of you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2011 Susan Hazelton


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