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Free tools to make you money on hubpages

Updated on July 29, 2010
Ya it's free
Ya it's free


Free, yes there are free tools that you can use to earn money on google. There's the google toolbar, the keyword tool that let's you find keywords, and the google analtyics tool which moniters your progress, and other stuff. I'll show you and tell you what all these free tools do and how to get them for free.

Great toolbar
Great toolbar

Google Toolbar

This toolbar is very useful, because it has Backward link checker, Cached pages checker, and the pageRank which rank's your page.

  • Backward link checker- This part of the toolbar shows you who links to your website, such as people from hubpages or from other websites out there. You can either check this out by right clicking on your hub and scrolling down to page info then go over to backward links. If you don't see page info when you right click, then go to your google toolbar and look for a bar(white) and click on it and look for backward links, it should be there. If any problems then message me I'll help you out.
  • Pagerank Display- This is a bar that should be on your google toolbar. It's either colored in green which is what you want, or it's white which you should try to fix. This part of google toolbar is key, since it tells you if google likes your hub, or if it's just another website. Pretty much just shows you how popular it is with google. If it's not partly green then you need more links or need something else with your hub that's missing.
  • Cached page Checker- This part of the toolbar isn't the greatest but it still helps. It shows you if google has noticed any changes to your hub. Let's say you published a hub, and let's made a change on it, then you scroll over to this part of the toolbar and see if google has noticed it, if not then wait, but if it did and no changes with traffic then goolge has decided that the changes don't make a difference. This tool makes sure that you don't keep on changing stuff to much and make your hub less noticeable.

You can get this free tool by googling google toolbar and you simply download it resart internet browser and it should be at the top.


Get an account
Get an account

Google account

Most of the tools are google related so it would be best if you made a google account since well it's easier to log in to all of them. The google toolbar let's you access a bunch of great stuff like...

  • AdSense- money maker
  • Analytics- monitors your progress
  • AdWords- Keywords tool

That's about the most important stuff you need out of google. Getting it is simply to just google google account and sign up not that hard.

Google Keyword Tool

This is by far the most important tool you need, since it finds you keywords for your hub. It's under AdWords, but it's free, just type in a word or phrase and google will search for keywords related it to. Once it gives you a list of 100 or more then it's time to search for the right keywords. You are going to be looking at the amount of searches, and competition of the word, so less competition plus 1000 plus searches a month equals lots of money. Well not guaranteeing tons of money put a little more than before. I'll publish another hub showing how you use your keywords and picking the right ones, so look out for it.



This tool is not google related but it act's like the same thing, it's basically the google keyword tool but simpler. There's a paid version, but it's no much and i said free so don't buy it unless you really want to spend time and money into hubpages which some are, but others don't have any money to spend. The free version let's you type in a word or phrase and searches for related words, and tells you how many searches there are on the word, so i said before it's simpler. I'd stick with the google keyword tool, it's free and better advanced then the wordtracker. Vist the wordtracker for free, just type in the keywords


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    • Skarlet profile image

      Skarlet 5 years ago from California

      Great hub. I will have to try this.

    • IndikaT profile image

      IndikaT 7 years ago from Kandy,Sri Lanka

      This info is very helpful to me. Thanks

    • Rimzim profile image

      Rimzim 7 years ago from Earth

      Thanks Eddy,

      This hub is really helpful for new hubbers (like me).

      Thanks for sharing this interesting tool with us.

    • Eddy2106 profile image

      Eddy2106 7 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      ZarkoZivkovic- Glad you liked this hub, and we do have to tell people, well new people about this free programs. People do not need to spend money to make it.

    • ZarkoZivkovic profile image

      ZarkoZivkovic 7 years ago from Serbia

      Everything there is out there of sale has a free alternative, there is no need for any of us to pay for such things. But, people like you and me need to tell others where they can find free tools such as these :)

      Great hub, keep up the good work!

    • Eddy2106 profile image

      Eddy2106 7 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      jenp123- your welcome hope the backlink checker works out for you.

      Kennynext- Thanks, it's a very useful tool indeed and free. Thanks for the comment

    • kennynext profile image

      kennynext 7 years ago from Everywhere

      Nice article. the backlink checker is a useful tool to have, and like you said, it is free.

    • profile image

      jenp123 7 years ago

      Thanks for the helpful article! I had no idea about the Google backlink checker.