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Hubpages-Everything you need to know

Updated on July 15, 2010

How to make money, by knowing every step

Okay, now we all know about making money online, and we see people with 100's to 1000 dollar checks made out by google. Well we would all like to know how? I have planned to tell you the basics you need to know about google AdSense and hubpages. The basics on making money with hubpages is simple, and i'll have links to other hubs by different Hubber's like me showing you more into def. on a particular subject. I'm not a master at hubpages, and haven't received a check for 100 dollars, like others but i'll show what you need to know. Wait, if you haven't made money from hubpages then why should i keep on reading? Honestly i'm not sure, no i'm kidding, i put together this hub to show you, it's time consuming and you won't make money on one day of work. This hub has links to other hubbers that are experienced and will show you more then i can. Basically i  grabbed all the hubs you need to make money into one, so that you don't have to go around and search. The only reason why i don't have a check is because i have other things to do like spend time with family and do personal stuff, and yes and it's time consuming. I hope you make millions one day and share the wealth with everyone, godspeed.

Step Numero(Spanish) Uno

Make sure you have a google AdSense account, and if you don't then make one( Right click on the link to open in a new tab and then on the blue bar that says sign up now. After that make sure you have a hubpages account you should since, well you should ( Now you want to make a google analytics account to moderate your views ( Great now you have 3 accounts, now what? Well now you need to do some research, and look over the basics of the google keyword tool.


Note to Reader

As you are putting in your information with google AdSense it will ask for your

  • Address, make sure you do that, because google will send you important information for you to withdraw your earnings, once you reach the 100 dollar mark. WHAT, 100 DOLLARS! Yup, you need to make 100 bucks in order for you to receive your earnings. Don't worry publish great hubs and you'll reach that mark in no time.
  • Social security number for your account, so that you can withdraw your earnings and its for the IRS, trust it.
  • Phone number, don't worry they won't call you everyday, it's for verification purposes, they give a pin and you enter it, easy.
  • Rember you love google, and you can trust it.

Step Nombre(French) Two

With your accounts, you can now put those aside you'll use them later, but you will have to create a few more, but the time will come later. In order to make money with hubpages you have to write hubs/sites. Before you do that you need to know what in the world your going to write about. Many say to write about what you feel comfortable with, that is true for the begging of your hubs, but you will later want to write different types of hubs that you rarely know about. Let's say i like to write about modern warfare 2, that's great but i need to write about other things that i'm unfamiliar with, like weight loss. Once you have chosen your topic, you will now head over to the google keyword tool ( This free tool let's you discover wonderful words that many people look for, and shows you how many other people like you have a website about the same topic that you want to write about (sarcasm, i'm trying). No, but seriously it's a great free tool that you can look at in order to choose the right keywords, for your hub.

Good tips

  • Less competition + lots of views = traffic = money
  • Use your keywords throughout your hub 
  • Use more than one keyword

Google Keyword Tool Video

Step Zahl(German) Three

Now that you have your keyword(s) it's time to start your hub. Go to your hubpages accountand start a new hub, then choose your topic, deepening on what your writing about. For the url of your hub or the title it should contain either all or some of your keywords. Again let's say if you search for navy seals on the keyword tool, and you look through until you see few to none competition (look at the green bar, if it's full don't bother). Make sure there's people searching for it, and then you find your keyword/keywords. I ended up finding seals sniper, very few competition, and good amount of searches, great. Seals sniper would be your title, not a great one but people will search for it, so now you have your title, next?

Step Bango(Japanese) Four

Almost done, it takes time, and determination to make money online, so bare with me. You need to write content (words in your hub), you need at least 500 to more words in it. When writing make sure it's in your own words, and it's true. As you write you want to make sure you are using your keywords throughout the hub, mostly in the beginning, the end, and some in the middle, just spread them around. Make sure you add polls, videos, and pictures, because a hub or website without a picture looks boring.

Step Homep(Russian) Five

Once you have your hub with everything in it, now it's time to publish it. Yes it's time to let it go out into the big world for others to look it. I know it seems just like yesterday you wrote it, and know it's off to make you money! After publishing it's time to tell google and yahoo about your new accomplishments, yes the two biggest search sites that millions of people use everyday, exciting(more sarcasm).

After that it's time to get trafficto your hub(getting people to vist). Your going to need links, back-links, social networking sites, and a bunch of other stuff.


Submit to all...

More tips

  •  Make a facebook, digg,  twitter, or any social networking site to promote your website and drive traffic to your hub.
  • Ask people to link to your hub, or just tell them what you wrote
  • Make fliers or go around and advertise your hub, but that might be costly, so best not to.

Last Schritt(German)

Finally, you now have a well written hub, links to it, and many people visiting it, well done. Now it's time to see all that money flow in, not that easy. One hub doesn't generate tons of money, maybe 1 to 2 dollars. You now need to write more hubs, and start reading over his hub, so that you don't get lost, you know what it be best if you bookmark it, just saying. No, but seriously it takes time, to write 100 hubs. If you were to write 100 well written hubs, that gernerate traffic and that are on the google and yahoo's 1st page searches, then you should generate an income of about 100 plus a month. Oh, wow 100 bucks a month that'll pay for the rent(last sarcasm). It doesn't seem much but 100 bucksin your pocket from just typing on the keyboard for about half a year. You'd figure if you write at least 2 hubs a week then you'll finish 100 in 50 weeks, so yea it takes time, but it'll be well worth it by the time you finish. You'll be making money by doing nothing after the 50 weeks of course.

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Last few Helpful Tips

  • Take your time, have at least 5 text capsules
  • Tell your friends about your hubs
  • Write more hubs relating them to each other so that you can link them together
  • Have a link capsule telling people to visit more of your hubs.
  • Get people to follow you, and be firends with them
  • If you need any other help then look it up on hubpages, I'm sure there's a hub for everything(funny).



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