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How to link your hub

Updated on July 9, 2010
Links are Key
Links are Key

Why do I need links?

 Links help google determine

  • What the hub is about
  • How is it important for google
  • Where to put your hub
  • Generate traffic(get people to vist)
  • Get you to the top of google

In the end it would be best if you keep on reading this hub, as it will help you get traffic, and earn a little more money, and it looks better for when goole looks at it.


Types of Links

 There are only 4 types of links out there, but 3 that are most important, which will be listed as the top 3.

  1. Inward Links- This types of links require you to do nothing, it's a link that someone else creates from their website/hub on to yours. Your hub < Linking hub
  2. External Links- Not my favorite, but it helps your readers, and hopefully the other site will link you back. You make a link linking to another hub/website. Your hub > Other hub
  3. Reciprocal links- This is a win lose link, which seems fair to me. You link to one hub and that hub makes sure to link back to you, its a trade offer. Your hub = Other hub
  4. Three way links- This is a bad link that really shouldn't be used, or else google will find out, and penalize you. The purpose of this link is just to generate a link, without having the three hubs related to each other in any way. hub= Your hub = hub



How to find Links


  1. Got to google
  2. Search for your keywords
  3. Look at the top sites and see if they allow you to submit a link

Other Ways by google

  1. Go to google
  2. search for your keyword and at the end include +links, link, or site
  3. Then simply submit your link to relating websites.

How to get your Link

When you find a site that is related to your hub, look for an email address from the writer of the hub. Send them an email requesting you to add your link and offer to link to theirs back. When writing your email make sure you send them a personal email, not a add my link i add yours, done. No that really just seems like he's justing going to say, no, so instead...

  • Use thier name if you know it
  • Compliment them on their website and tell them which was the best part
  • Tell them why they should link to you
  • Say that it's important to have links, and show them this hub
  • Say thank you for their time

Make friends with the person, the more personal it looks the better the response will look, and get you a link, so take your time with the eamil. Make sure you actually look at their hub/website and read through it.

Links you need and don't

Their links that you want and links that you don't, yes you don't want some of your links.


  • Well known hubs/websites
  • Hubs/sites that have a high PageRank, or hub score
  • Hubs/sites with few links


  • Not related to your hub
  • Spam websites or hubs
  • Few visitors or low hub-score
  • Not well written and poorly put together

Just make sure that you are getting you links from good hubs, and that are worth your time, ask yourself would i look at this page?


Finding out if you have links

If you have the google toolbar then all you need to do is look at the PageRank bar in your google toolbar. It should be a bar, and if it's filled with green then that's great  and your doing good with that hub. Now if it's empty then you should work on that. The bar shows you that the greener it is the more valuable getting a link on that site would be worth. If the page has few links then you'll get a better chance at getting clicked on. When you click, or right click on the bar it shows where the links are coming from. Remember: more links equals more clicks.

Other ways to get links to Hubs

  • Answering questions on yahoo answers, or on google Groups, and add your url to your answer so that when people look at the answers they see it. Another thing make sure your putting a link to a question that is related to your hub.
  • Socail networking sites, like facebook, digg, and mant others out there.

Linking together
Linking together

Important Tip...

 Make sure that when you do get a link that it is related to you hub, or else google will find out and do something to your hub like remove it from the google list.


  • Without links you might not get as much traffic to your hubs.
  • Get links that are related to you hub
  • Ask to link to other hubs and negotiate something so that you both get links
  • Links are key to getting to the top of google
  • Look around for links, either in social networking sites, other websites, or hubs
  • Take your time, and be patient
  • Good luck!


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    • Victoria Lynn profile image

      Victoria Lynn 6 years ago from Arkansas, USA

      Thanks! That helps. I'm a new hubber. I'm so overwhelmed with all the information. Links is something I see mentioned and how it's important, but I haven't seen the HOW of doing it. Your article helps a lot!

    • profile image

      Feeling Lucky Today 6 years ago

      choose good titles as they become the link anchor text

      google will love your content if it's full of relevant keywords

    • Helen Bolam profile image

      Helen Bolam 7 years ago from South Shields

      Really great information. Thank you.

    • flowerpick profile image

      flowerpick 7 years ago from PHILIPPINES

      Now im learning! thanks

    • Eddy2106 profile image

      Eddy2106 7 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      minesgm- thanks for the comment and the vote, and making it a useful hub, hope we all make money.

      ayoro france- thanks for the comment, and yes more links equals a gretter hubscore. Since the more vistors you have on your hubs the higher your score, so links help a lot, hope this helped.

    • ayoro france profile image

      ayoro france 7 years ago

      Hi Eddy,

      do you know if more links affect your hub score? I thought it was just quality content but sounds like links might help too.


    • minesgm profile image

      minesgm 7 years ago from Texas

      hello Eddy2106, Thanks for the suggestions about linking.

      i voted up and it's useful for me as a new hubber.


    • Eddy2106 profile image

      Eddy2106 7 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      rls8994- Glad to know that this hub helped you out, and i hope you make more money than before because of this hub, thanks for the comment.

    • rls8994 profile image

      rls8994 7 years ago from Mississippi


      I've been on hubpages for about 8 months and have yet to figure out how to earn money. However, this hub has taught me alot. This was really helpful information! Thanks!

    • Eddy2106 profile image

      Eddy2106 7 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      Deborah Demander- Thanks for the comment and i hope this works well with you, and that you make a lot of money with google.

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 7 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      This was quite informative. I plan to try your suggestions. Thanks.