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How Long for the Dollar

Updated on July 15, 2016

How Can I Earn

There were many instances when I thought about this one question "how can I earn".I thought about it, day after day as I had tried all means and felt it was time to stay back at home as home maker.

But,I still needed to earn,explore and learn a lot.There was time for me now to think about ways I could do that.And that was the time when I joined Hub Pages.

A very large community, where people mostly had a similar thinking ability.I was wondering what I was doing all these years, looking at the other hubs and authors who had joined years before I had even thought about working on line.

I felt, how stupid I was being,wasting time,instead of knowing about such groups and exploring about life.

Then I started exploring this group.I had to know the terms and conditions first. These are required once we go through any site lest there are chances for us to be at loss if the site is fake or wants us to register first and then start posting.

There are also many sites which close abruptly, without our notice and some even mail us honestly that they are closing the site only because they are unable to pay.

So, all these experiences of fellow members working on line, kept reminding me that I need to focus on the rules and conditions.So, what are the rules here.

The Terms and Conditions

There were not too tough for any one to join. Yah, I needed to have a pay pal account , inform them about my tax payments if any, which was not tough for any one.

So, I thought, fine, I'll be publishing and earning within no time.But, no, I was wrong here.Though everything seemed to be crystal clear, there was a lot to do.Then, I had to go for another thing which every member was trying to boost up here.Yes, this was PATIENCE.

I needed to have a lot of patience for getting my hubs published and they had to be self created, nothing like searching from different sites, copying or pasting.There was words to be counted and photos or videos to be added which were preferably our own.There were other capsules which could be used and this was a wonderful thing which made our hub more informative and user friendly.

Mean while I had to publish at least featured hubs ,which was a bit tough for me,as a beginner.But later on,I could gear up on the topics I felt were interesting and was very happy when they got featured in no time.

I hadn't taken much time to get my hubs published or featured.That was really surprising for me as I never knew that I could write on such topics which I hadn't spoken about to anyone earlier.I had only thought about such topics but never discussed in detail.

I published my first hub and it also underwent the quality assessment process and hey, there it was FEATURED. Yah, a featured hub has got its own value, it will be seen by others and this makes us feel proud...imagine 100s and 1000s of people viewing your hub daily and you being a source of information for them.That means you are something different and know something more than these 100s of people and your hub is helping others in knowing about something which only you knew all these years !

But, then, this is not only for providing information and helping others. Its also for helping ourselves monetarily.

Yes, I even needed to earn from this.So, I then applied for the Ad program.There was hub pages ad program as well as Google Ad sense which needed to be approved. I felt its going to take some more time.

I even had to publish at least 10 hubs and got them featured to apply for the ads.That was not easy again.So, I concentrated on the publishing part instead of earning and this took some time.There were vast number of topics ringing in my mind but I had to organize them and publish as I focussed more on the user-friendly approach.

Any how,I could get the first 10 hubs featured and that was a great start for me !

After publishing my 10 hubs and getting them featured, I didn't waste time in applying for ad sense as I knew from most of the members that it was not easy to get the Google approval. So, I kept on publishing few more hubs and then started trying my luck in getting the approval.

No, it was not easy.I learnt about something more about hub pages now.Though it was a bitter experience for me, I kept on waiting.

As I'm an Asian, it was mandatory for me to wait another half year to earn from my hubs.Yes, when I applied for the Ad sense , I got mails in reply that my application was not approved. Later, I came to know that it was because, I was an Asian and had to wait for 6 months at least, for Google monetization.

Anyway, a few months had already passed ,getting the hubs published, featured and now A Few more months I thought.

That wasn't a long time for me to get my earnings as I had wasted years, thinking about ways to earn money.Now that I had found something which helped to make a few bucks, why would I feel bad ?

GoogleAdSense approval
GoogleAdSense approval

Google Approval !

Suddenly, one fine morning, I got the Approval. Yes, I could find this in my EARNINGS REPORT.

The report showed that my Hub pages ad program and Google ad sense were approved and there were some codes for them which showed clearly that I could get my payouts.

Haa! that was amazing. What a great day it was. I still remember myself checking my mails again and again and seeing the earnings report.

But, wait, I still had some thing more to know.Some thing more bitter than before again ! I could get my payout only after earning a minimum of 50$ !

First I thought okay, may be it will take another few months. I kept on checking my earnings report daily and there was not much change in the viewer ship or earnings.

There were just a few cents which I could earn daily and sometimes this was nil.I started worrying about the payout if this kept on continuing.When would I get my first pay out ? It was tough time for me as I just had a few hubs featured and this was not enough to get the payout.

Then, I again learnt from the forums and tutorial sections , that there were many people who had finished writing on 100 different topics by then and had years of expertise.

I came to know about my position now , in this community ,I had to explore and explore a lot and be very quick in publishing more and more hubs.This was something which I had to do by setting goals.Some said , they had set 1 hub /day goal and some could finish 1 hub /week.

Some even said, its better to keep publishing at least 10 hubs a month, so that by the end of the year one could have at least 100 hubs.

Any how , I again started focussing on some more topics which needed to be catchy.As one could earn more only when there was high viewer ship and chances for more clicks and a small amount of cents added in our account.

Accolades won in hp
Accolades won in hp

Every one is an Amateur

Then, I continued publishing and kept learning new things from the forums.Many had the same experience and most of the experienced people who had payouts, kept guiding others and there were also few others who kept saying that the hubs were not interesting or the grammar or English was not good.

I could understand one thing...No One Was An Expert In The Beginning...why should one discourage the other or get discouraged by others only because, they were earning less or not getting their hubs featured.

Every thing needs some time to reap and this is a game which we have never played.There are as many chances or winning as there are chances of losing.

One need not worry or get discouraged, especially because of the comments.I kept on boosting my confidence and continued to publish. That was the strategy which I felt every beginner needed.

Publishing on different topics kept me engaged and I kept on exploring to know more and express the same in my own way.This kept on continuing for few more months.Mean while, I finished my first year in hub pages and I had won a few accolades by then.

These accolades kept encouraging me to progress further. There were many more things I needed to achieve...Editor's Choice was one thing which attracted me the most.But, I had a long way to travel for that and I had to improve a lot in many aspects !

A Lot to Do !

Though, there was enough time for me to publish more hubs, the earnings report kept disappointing me.There were only few cents each day which I was able to earn.I even had to gain viewer-ship, which may in some cases increase the amount of earning.But, that is just another option which may or may not click.

Any way, I still continued to learn and kept on publishing, researching about new interesting topics which were rarely discussed and trying to bring more changes in my writing skills and improving it.But, I still had a long way for a DOLLAR ! Just a DOLLAR but a very great change in my profile and a very big amount in my earnings report.

I hope to get it and then make a few more hard steps to get my First Payout ! Hope for the better.

Is earning easy
Is earning easy


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