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How HubPages Influenced me?

Updated on February 2, 2018
By joining HubPages you earn name, fame and money by writing and publishing online articles.
By joining HubPages you earn name, fame and money by writing and publishing online articles.

Do you have a flair for writing?

If you have a flair for writing, then please read this article. This is to instill a tiny dose of confidence and also to motivate new writers as well the freshers here in HubPages that I dedicate this article. I hope they will find some interesting points or ideas from this hub, which may, I hope, help them to some extent. I also share here some useful tips for all writers.

Then, let me invite all of you to the topic: How HubPages Influenced Me. Yes, it is my very personal story but sure it will help writers like you too. It is only recently I came to know about this global writers' community. I got its reference from a Monthly published in Malayalam from Kerala, a small state in South India.

I always loved writing. I write both in Malayalam (a language spoken in Kerala) and English. I started writing articles in English nine years ago. Till then I was weak in the language (I don't claim it is too good now!). But Malayalam, being my mother tongue, I did well there. Learning languages is good and I always liked it.

My Writing Experience

Reading, writing, music, films and travel are my hobbies. As already told, I started writing nine years before. I sent a number of letters to the column "Letters to the Editor" in 'The New Indian Express' (one of the leading English Dailies from South India). Luckily, most of them got published. Of course I had tried my best to write beautifully and clearly. It is a thrilling experience to see our write-ups got printed in publications. You would agree with me that appearing our names in News Papers too is a delightful experience, wouldn't you? It enhances our confidence and writing spirits.

Being a lover of writing, naturally I was so glad when I happened to know about HubPages. I wished to write some article suddenly. Thus, I started writing. I can't express my pleasure when I found my first article "My Romance with Radio" got published. It was a small write up. Still it got some valuable comments. I replied and thanked all who wrote comments. But soon, the article 'disappeared'. My text was too short and predictably that must be the reason for it. I did not put any photos, videos, etc with it simply because I had no idea on the usage of these capsules then. Yet I must thank the HubPages authority for its (read my article) existence there for a few days. Even they themselves placed a picture also matching with the contents, i.e. Radio. In fact, this kind of act by the HP Editors was filling some sort of confidence in me.

Later I wrote two more articles. One on travel and the next one on food habits. This time I increased my text length and added some photos and videos and got a good score. My another hub How I tamed The English language got 86 marks and that was my ever best score. Still I must admit one thing. The traffic flow and comments to my articles are low. It is quite natural when I am not much proficient in its proper usage, terminology, etc. I am bad in understanding traffic boosting tips, linking, publicizing my articles. (Later, I learned these tips or tricks are what we call SEO or Search Engine Optimization). I admit I have to learn a lot more yet to improve my language skill too so as to attract more visitors.

The 'Learning Center' is very helpful and a good option to master certain skills in hubbing. There are plenty of articles there in our aid for helping good writing and keeping the etiquette. I must read it all to improve my performance. I hope I will do it soon.

The Benefits of Associating with HubPages

Still I am thrilled. I have the freedom to write anything at any length. Writing more for HubPages will broaden my knowledge, fluency in English and mastery in the art of writing. Further, it will enrich me with good friendship from around the globe. All on the positive side. Now I spend more time on Internet thanks to my new hobby called 'hubbing'. I like to add that nowadays I am spending quality time before the computer. My precious time is not spared for watching 'unwanted stuff' on the Internet. (Sadly it is flooded with that!). Above all, if I am lucky enough, I can earn also. My Pay Pal account is opened and I am waiting for the cash flow though currently I am far away. I will consider myself the luckiest the day when I receive a notification regarding my first payout. I pray and look forward to that pleasure.

The HubPages has changed me tremendously. The new shift is to a positive path. Now I am confident, cheerful, hardworking and techno savvy. HubPages gave me a lot of useful stuff to read and update my knowledge. It is a good community to help anyone who is fond of writing. The seniors give us valuable tips, which helps to boost our writing spirit. We can ask here any doubts and valuable answers are given within a few hours of its posting. Where from we can expect such quick and sharp response other than HP? Some writers' tips are really worth and it even increases our confidence level. We get noticed among the writers who are from different parts of this world. We can share our experience, knowledge, expertise and anything we like to. Above all, we earn some revenue too through HP. Thus, HP has totally changed me and improved me. I request all who are fond of writing, to try their hand on HubPages.

While concluding this lengthy post, I look forward to the pleasure of hearing other hubbers' experience and success story. Please do write your stories which I hope, will surely motivate all writers and especially the newcomers who joined HP. Happy hubbing!

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