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My Six Months' Journey with HubPages

Updated on February 2, 2018
HubPages is a fantastic platform for online writings.  It gives you name, fame and some earnings too.
HubPages is a fantastic platform for online writings. It gives you name, fame and some earnings too. | Source

March 18, 2012. That was the day I Published my first article (Hub) in HubPages titled "My Romance with Radio". When it got published I was so happy and thrilled. In fact, my romance with HubPages also started the very day.

I was searching for a good 'English platform' to write and publish some articles on the web. One fine morning when I was reading a magazine, I came to read an article on "Writing and Earning through the internet". As the topic was my favorite one, I read it several times passionately and instantly wished to open an account with the HubPages.

Writing for a global community through the internet was my all time dream too. Naturally, I enrolled. I had confidence. So I started to pen on different topics. The writing was not tough, but learning the tricks of editing was. For me, it was the real challenge. Yes, a little bit tough, I admit it was. Each day I tried to learn new things. Understanding and mastering the art of different capsules slowly progressed. More of my energy was consumed by learning the 'Video capsule'. Understanding the concept of 'link' too stole good part of my energy.

I also tried applying other capsules like Map, Quiz, Poll, Table, eBay, Amazon, etc. So far most of the capsules tested and added to my various hubs. Now only a few more need to be learned and tested. Hope I can master that too in the near future.

Now I have completed a period of six months with HubPages. The journey so far is exciting and educative. It is challenging too at the same time.

I am happy that my target of doing 25 hubs within first six months is met with this hub. An analysis of the statistics gives me a satisfactory result. The Author Score has touched an all-time high of 90 !. Actually, I only thought I could reach this level only by the time of my 1st Anniversary with Hubpages. I am so proud that one of my Hubs on Fengshui has got a score of 94. The hub "How to reach Kollur Mookambika Temple" also got a fine attention and wide viewership and its score now stands at an impressive figure of 85-90 range. Scoring 90 and above is really commendable. Frankly speaking, I did not score that much even during my school days.

By now I have got hits (page views) of nearly 6000. So far I have got 6 accolades and presently I am Level II commenter. I wish and aim to make it to Level IV position within next 6 months. I have 27 Followers and 32 are being followed by me. I am not happy with the numbers of Followers and Comments. It is, I am sure, not impressive when compare with my page views. I need an improvement here.

I do badly in promotional work as I am yet to learn its tricks. My dependency for promo ends just on Facebook and Twitter. What more I need to work out? I don't know. The readers can suggest me. I will definitely follow. Still, I am happy that my name 'sunilkunnoth' shows an ever time impressive result when I give it a try on Google search. The HubPages has given me name and fame in the cyber world. My username in Hubpages is 'sunilkunnoth2012'. The google/yahoo search shows a fantastic result with that too. Thank you, Hubpages. I hope I can perform even better in the coming days.

My 1st anniversary with HubPages will be on the 3rd week of March 2013. I have set a few targets to be achieved by then. 50 hubs, page views in the range of 12,000-15,000 (it will give me a 10 K accolade!), a healthy author score of 88-93, more comments, more followers, higher commenter level.......These are the set goals.

I know these are tough targets but still achievable provided I put some hard work. I do know I have miles to go. I am ready to face these challenges, meet the obstacles and achieve my set goals.

Hope and pray I can narrate my achievements after six months when I reach the milestone of one year and celebrate the first anniversary.

I thank HubPages. It upped my prospects as a writer. My confidence level also going up ever since I associated with the HubPages community. It is time to sign off. I will appear with my success story on next summer. Hopefully, with God's grace, I wish I can make it on the 3rd week of March 2013.

So bye....with love!

© 2012 Sunil Kumar Kunnoth


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    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 5 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Hello curious dreamer,

      Thanks for your wishing. Hope you will go through my other hubs as well.

    • curious dreamer profile image

      Mahesh Mohan 5 years ago from India

      wish you all the very best.......

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 5 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Hi sweetie1,

      Thanks for your comments and wish. I know my limits and boarders, so naturally I set my goals on a reasonable scale, which I hope I can do as per schedule.

    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 5 years ago from India

      Sunil, You have kept very reasonable goals and they can be easily achieved . Good luck for achieving your goals.