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How To Make Online Income From Home Writing With Hubpages

Updated on December 2, 2013

How Can I Start Making Money On Hubpages?

When I joined Hubpages and monetized with Google AdSense I was stunned when I did not see any money being made. I thought I was already a good writer. I was sadly mistaken. It took a while before I saw any money being made. I just knew my articles were good enough to draw attention. But that was before I knew about keywords. I had a lot to learn.

Those of you that are thinking about writing for the internet for the first time, I can only say that I wished someone wrote this type of article for me.

Once you learn the rules and know that the rules, you will be able to flow in your writing and begin creating hubs that bring you in residual income. Read the hubs that people leave comments on to see why they attract visitors.

Some have the ability to write everyday! That being said.There are people that have been writing for 10 years that never have to work again as well as those that have been writing for the same time without making a dime. Learning how to write good content will be your deal breaker to making money with Hubpages.

The Truth About How To Earn Money Online Income With Hubpages

The truth is there is a lot of work that has to be done if you want to earn money with Hubpages. It can take years before you can quit your job.

Some bloggers luck up and make substantial money within a year, however they took the time to learn the basics of writing for the search engines and producing great content.

More importantly they know that quality is better than quantity. Your article must have substance and bring value to your visitors. No ebook can help you do this. You have to make the decision to be the best you can be. Not implementing the information through practice will prevent you from moving forward.

What you need to write a great article on Hubpages

Hubpages has a great help forum to get you around your learning curve fast, but here are some great tips to having a great start.

  1. Persuasive Titles - You title must be attractive and make an offer, benefit or promise.
  2. Great Content - Each sentence must be meaningful and make your reader want to read the next line.
  3. Keywords - Keyword phrases in your titles and articles help your targeted readers find your information.
  4. Relevant Keywords links - Links should be keyword phrases leading to relevant blogs or websites.
  5. Write space - Having space between your paragraphs make your article more reader friendly. You may have great content but scare your readers away by not separating your paragraphs and thoughts.
  6. Bullet points - Bullet points and numbers make finding helpful information quicker for scanners.
  7. Photos - Relevant photos catch attention just like a great title if not first in some cases. The more the better.

It is not true about short and sweet content. You can not have a good article with under 500 words and you certainly can not have a great one under 700 words as an average. It can be pretty good. But being thorough will make people crave for more.

How Can I Start Making Money On Hubpages

Now that you know what has to go into writing a great article you can be up and running to start making your money. This is a business and doesn't happen over night. Be consistent and you will get start seeing your money grow as you improve.

When you make your first money whether it's 5 cents or a dollar you will feel like a rock star. This is only the beginning. The more hubs you write the more money you can make. if your not already signed up for Hupages you can sign up here.

  1. Sign up for Google Adsense, Ebay and Amazon
  2. Write a great article about a product.
  3. Add your affiliate products.
  4. Repeat.

5 Hubpage Writing Tips

  1. Write articles that help,teach or entertain others.
  2. Write buyers guide about products.
  3. Be consistent with your articles writing, this is a process.
  4. Always re read and edit your article before publishing.You will be surprised at what you miss until you step away and come back.
  5. Keywords must be in titles, photos, links and in content. Preferable 1 per 100 words or so to be found in the search engines .

Change your mind-set

Find a Hot Topic

Now imagine a floor in your kitchen had a horrible stain and you found the perfect product to get it up and it was only by mistake because your baby spilled it. You can tell people that baby oil gets up a certain type of stain off of a certain type of floor. Because home repairs "How To"is another hot topic and BAM!

I've seen people do well with dog training tips,home repair, cake decorating,potty training...People want information. Give it to them and make money doing it ..for free!

You see you have to think give give give and help help help when your writing for AdSense money and especially use hot topics. Real Estate, How To,Food, Baby Items,Vacations, there are more.

You will even be surprised by how some people react to the hubs you weren't confident about. Keep writing every bit helps. Even when people made a best seller they wrote sometimes 100 books before it happened! Never stop you'll only improve.

You have a great hub and no visitors? I'll tell you why.... Keyword Phrases

A great hub doesn't mean your job is over. You have to be easy to find in the searches. Use your keyword in your titles, subtitles, pictures, and several times in your articles in a natural sort of way.

You want to use your keywords at least three or four times each. Use keyword phrases, these are phrases that you would use that surfer use to find what they are looking for.

Go to the search bar and attempt to do a search on leather jackets. What will you use to find it? discount leather jackets, soft leather jackets for women, leather jackets for kids, unique leather jackets, fur lined leather jackets?

You get the point, act as if you are doing a search for your particular blog topic to predetermining how people will find you.

Use googles keyword search tool for this. When you use a search term look to your top right to see how many people use that search term to know your on the right track.

Get More Free Online Traffic Now With This Must Do Tip

When on the Google Adwords:Keyword tool choose only keywords relevant to your article and topic and you will have targeted visitors. Read every hubpage article in your topic of choice to see how keyword phrases are used in the titles,links and content.

fyi: When tool says your session is over just refresh the page. No worries.

Use the phrases that are less used. The ones that over saturated are pointless, you would be lost like a grain of sand on the shore. By the way there are many different strategies and programs that teach you how to choose keywords so experiment and learn what works for you..

If your in need of some extra income visit Earn Extra Money Online for more creative ideas.

Enjoy the journey!

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    • sabrani44 profile image

      sabrani44 6 years ago

      Great hub, thanks so much for sharing with us. These tips will definitely be useful.

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      Thanks Kris it took me some time to be able to this community this way. Being a writer @asherruth is half the battle if you aren't one you will be on hubpage. Good luck to you.

    • Kris Heeter profile image

      Kris Heeter 6 years ago from Indiana

      Lot of great information here. Thanks for the tips!

    • asherruth profile image

      asherruth 6 years ago

      Very helpful hub. Thank you for the advice. I am a newbie to hubpages, but not to writing. I need all the advice I can get on making an income on here. Right now I still work full time, but my dream job would be to just write. Imagine getting paid for something I love and having more time with my kids in the process. It's win\win!

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      Encouragement can go along way.Perserverance is what

      s going to keep you going until you see some change begin to trickle in. You will become more aware of the times when some topics are viewed more and some are not.

      Use evergreen(helpful to everyone) topics to be safe. Good Luck on your journey geetbhim and kate-olson and anyone pursueing online income.

    • nigflte profile image

      nigflte 6 years ago

      Good post and insight. I have been using hubpages for sometime now and have seen some of the positive result so far.

    • geetbhim profile image

      sangeeta verma 6 years ago from Ludhiana India

      I found this hub very useful,thanks for the encourgement that shows in your hub I even try to follow your tips that you have provided and going to bookmark this hub for the refrence.

    • profile image

      kate-olson 6 years ago

      Thanks for the article. I've only been on HubPages for 3 days and already have learned so much. Hopefully I'll be able to make money soon!

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      Interesting news about Amazon and Ebay. This is a very good reason for fellow hubbers to have their own products as a buffer. There are so many people that don't realize that they can sell their own ebook full of their own talents. Growing plants, quieting a fussy child, shining old tools to turning there hubbys tee into night shirts. Thanks for your comment!

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      You are right on, it does take time, patience and perserverence to earn online. Some are very fortunate indeed to earn quickly and quit day jobs. If you write from the heart that makes a huge difference. In my humble opinion people like to read what they know about or can relate too.

      Amazon and ebay take forever. IN fact in Colorado Amazon fired its affiliates over a year ago something to do with our state government and taxes???? Many states were fired from amazon It is difficult to get onto ebay as well. SO write great content and be sincere and helpful.

      Thanks for a great hub Hope you are finally earning. I have been here several years and made very little. It is looking hopeful one day I may make over $300 in a years time. JK, NOT! Happiest New Year ever to all.