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How To Make Money With HubPages Without Writing

Updated on December 26, 2012
Invest for a written content, and turn it into a hub for a profit.
Invest for a written content, and turn it into a hub for a profit. | Source


You can find quality original content on HubPages about virtually any subject. One of the reasons why HubPages attracts so many good writers is that it has a pay system that pays writers who are willing to produce quality content.

But Making a hub requires skills more than producing a written content. If you are aiming to make money by making hubs, you have to know what keywords to focus on, and how to incorporate difference capsules to make hubs more interactive and not boring. But one of the most time consuming and stressful part is producing the written content.

In this hub, I am going to introduce a way to pay other writers to write a written content for you, so you can make a hub, and make more money than what you've paid your writers. The beauty of this is that this way you can make as many hubs as you want within a limited time, and make a continaul income, while paying your writers a one-time fee.

1. Finding Good Writers

There are many writers on the web who are willing to write for money, even for $1-2 per article. But since the quality of the written content is critical to your success in making money on HubPages, you need to hire writers who can write with SEO in mind, and can precisely deliver what is asked.

I recommend iWriter , a website where you can either find writers to write content for you, or make money by writing articles for others. Writers are rated by people who have hired them before, so you can choose what kind of writers can work on your job. The best thing about this website is that you pay after the job is done, and you can choose to reject if you don't like what you see.

2. Keyword Research

Since you have to pay someone for each hub you make using this method, you have to choose your keywords carefully, so your hubs can be profitable. Spend your time researching for keywords that is popular and can be competitive. As I mention in my other hubs, I cannot express how important keywords (or keyword phrases) are for people making money online. Same goes here, so spend enough time to find a good and profitable keywords.

3. Telling Your Writer What To Do

After choosing a set of keywords for your hub, you have to tell your writer exactly what you want him or her to do.You are paying the writer to do the job, so as demanding as you can to squeeze out quality content. Some two things to remember when requesting an article:

  • Tell the writer which keywords phrases you want him or her to focus on. Tell the writer to make the article search engine optimized around that keyword phrases.
  • Tell the writer what to focus on. Give the writer the list of the things you want to include in the article.

3. Putting a Hub Together

After getting a keyword to focus on and a written content from a good writer, it is time to put together a hub. Use as many capsules as possible; photo, video, and link capsules can go with almost all the hubs without spending too much time.

And always remember that the written content you got isn't always ready-to-use for a hub. Sometimes you have to add some content or re-arrange to be hub-friendly.

If you have any hubs published already, try to link your hubs together. HubPages tend to favor links linking hubs together.

4. Monitor and Make Chages to Your Hubs

You have to monitor your hubs for performance, especially for newly published hubs. Main areas to watch for is the traffic and the Hub Score. Traffic represents how well your hub is performing, and the Hub Score lets you know how good your hub is, at least in the HubPages' view, which is focused on search engine friendliness of your hub.


This method may not work for everyone. Yes, it will take some time to recoup the initial investment for the written content. If I can spend $10 for a quality hub, and make even just $1 every month for as long as the HubPages exists, I think it's a pretty good investment. But the choice is yours.

Yes, you can make money using HubPages, and you can make more money if you can produce more of quality hubs. And if you use the method I explained in this hub, you will be able to use some extra cash and your hub ideas to make more money while spending less time.

If you like this hub, follow me on HubPages for more tips on making money online.

If you are not on HubPages already, Signup for HubPages to start making money online.


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    • hyunchang profile image

      hyunchang 4 years ago


      Good point. Yes, it will take some time to recoup the money you have spent on the writer. I've just added a paragraph about that in the conclusion. Thank you for pointing that out.

    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 4 years ago

      I suppose this is one way of doing it, don't you think it will take sometime to make up the money you have spent on iWriter or similar?

    • josekavalam profile image

      Jose Kuryan 4 years ago from Kannur

      Interesting article...