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How To Post Updates To Over 50 Social Networks At Once - Hellotxt, Posterous, Pixelpipe and Ping.FM

Updated on February 5, 2011

Update over 50 Social Networks with one click

With many social networks popping up, and a lot of social network aggregators finally being developed and available to the public, this new wave of social network aggregators was bound to happen. These ones can post to many different networks at once, and using the power of all the ones I have found, I have been able to update over 50 networks with one click (with some lag on some networks). Not only that, one of the networks can send the message to your cell phone to be text message to groups you specify. It's not difficult at all and you don't have to know any coding or HTML. You will really just be copying and pasting API codes (provided by each site), RSS feed URL's, emails and signing in/up a lot. But once it is all finally over, you can send updates to hundreds of people all over the world.

Keep in mind that this may not be the network map for everyone. This map can be rearranged in hundreds of ways.  Once you get familiar with which social networks can do what, then you can figure out your own map and have something like a Facebook update be the central social network instead of PixelPipe like in this map. I just chose this way because the map I've found with the most API connections, which means instant updates.

Also, this whole network is centered around status updates.  There is a whole other network map you can create for upload your videos and photos, with a whole lot more social networks to update with actual photos and videos, and not just statuses and links.

Signing Up

The first step is signing up. It is tedious to do this over 50 times, but you may already have signed up at some sites. I was already signed up for some sites that I had forgotten about and even have friends on those networks. I've definitely made this step a lot easier by making a list of the working and most active networks that can aggregate. All of them with links directly to the site for fact access. You can also download some type of autoform plugin for your internet browser. That can same a lot of typing time. Once you have finally set up an account at all the sites, it's up to you how much you want to put into each network. I recommend at least completing your profile on each network so people know you are a real person. It would also be good to have friends on each network, so start some adding. Most of the networks publicize your updates, but it's good to have a number of how many people can see this on their own feed when they log in on each network.


When you have all of your social networks ready to connect, you will be starting at PixelPipe (if you plan to update your networks with an RSS feed or email, you can do that here). They name the feeds you connect "Pipes". Each pipe you connect will be updated when you update PixelPipe. All the connects require you to get the API code on the other networks, but there is usually a link to get your API code on that same page, so there is usually no searching for anything. It is a privacy issue, so PixelPipe cannot just grab the code from the link. Make sure to connect to Ping.FM, since that is the next aggreposter. You will also have to connect to Hellotxt, but it is not done in the same way. There is no pipe for Hellotxt (I'm sure this will change soon), but you can get the email account from Hellotxt (You can find your own personal email on Hellotxt in your settings) and insert an email pipe in PixelPipe to connect. There is a delay sometimes so everything on this side many lag. Make sure to post some test updates to check everything works (If Hellotxt doesn't update, don't worry about it now).

Once you have connect the two other aggreposters, and if you are following this guide, here is a checklist of what pipes to add on PixelPipe

via PixelPipe


Yahoo! Memes

Google Talk










via email


Anywhere else...


Twitter is so popular that hundreds of sites that promote your tweets are popping up all over. And these sites make it incredible easy to sign up. You can just sign up with Twitter. Just make sure not to choose a service that autoposts to Twitter, or else you will have looping. The sites I've chosen very pretty random. I know there are more out there, so you can choose whichever sites you like. Be sure to join Redgage though. They are an awesome social network for people who want to make money for everything you can do on a social network.

Diigo is a popular bookmarking site.  It's not really a social network, but you can autopost your tweets here with the help of 


This is the next aggreposter.  This social network can post to many popular networks as well.  All of the postings from are through API so it is always updated fast on this side of the network.  I've found some sites not working (Bebo wasn't connecting), so make sure the networks you connect are working.

Here is a list of what to add on this social network aggreposter.

via Ping.FM via PixelPipe

Yahoo! Profiles (choose either this or Yahoo! Meme, they post to the same stream)

Google Buzz

AIM Status

FriendFeed - Statusnet (No posts with links will show)

Street Mavens








Facebook Pages





So this is a nice little combo I have discovered.  After getting autoposted to Posterous, Posterous can autopost to more social networks.  Pretty exciting.  And connecting them is easy.  It is all API as well. 

via Posterous via Ping.FM via PIxelPipe





Blogger and Brightkite

Blogger will allow you to expand your network even further but submit your blogs feed to any site that accepts an RSS feed.  I've found two networks that are pretty active, but I'm sure there are more out there.  Blogger makes it easy to obtain your RSS feed, so grab it and submit.

Brightkite will allow you to expand your network to your cell phone contacts.  People are writing hundreds of texts, individually, a day.  People are getting use to always have text messages, just like emails.  You will need to app on your phone, so make sure you have a compatible phone. 

via Blogger via Posterous via Ping.FM via PixelPipe



Anywhere else...

via Brightkite via Ping.FM via PixelPipe

Phone Contacts


The final social network aggreposter in this list.  It has a huge list of networks to autopost to, but I have found some of them not working.  The ones I have been able to connect to are listed here and this is where the majority of foreign networks lie.  This is also where the update will lag, due to the email connect, so I tried to get the less popular networks on this side.  This poster uses API so as soon as the email update is received, your networks are updated.

Hellotxt puts your updates on its own page called your lifestream.  It also gives an RSS feed.  I like the format of the feed Hellotxt gives, than the one Blogger does, so I use this RSS feed to submit to another group of social networks.  You can submit it to as many more as you find. It will lag at this level, so it might take a little longer than everything else to reach these networks.  You also don't even have to use Hellotxt's feed.  Friendfeed has a lifestream with RSS too.  Hellotxt just has a cool link shortening feature to links in their updates, and that is always good. I've also included Squidoo and Hubpages because you can feed your Lifestream RSS to whatever pages you create.  And since these sites have a large network of people constantly on, why not? 

via Hellotxt via PIxelpipe Email







via Hellotxt Lifestream RSS via PixelPipe Email







Manual Posting

This is if you have some extra time after your one click to mass networks. I'm sure you do. These sites do not have any way to post automatically, they are are still worthy to have your content. I put some new sites I've never heard of before that I discovered as well.

via Manual Post

Digg  (You can now update this automatically with an RSS feed after an initial verification.  Thanks to minso for the update!)










So this is the network that I have come up with.  You can easily connect to over 50 networks as well.  Remember, you don't have to  follow this example exactly.  You can adjust it to whatever works for you and your current networks.  Happy Social Networking!


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Thank you for this I will check it out

    • profile image

      saroj Kumar 

      3 years ago

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      hi there stevo it took me ages to find it here is the link and some info ,ring them if you need them urgently ,say davy-fetons

      recommended you

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      long time no see gary sorry mate i`v took so long i think this is the link

      filling address ,ring them for advice , mention marta gift him out

    • profile image

      Selvyn Kennedy 

      6 years ago

      the new HI5 account (now tagged) is not working with hellotxt..If you try to input your username and password to update your hi5 status via hellotxt, you will see an error saying "wrong data"....any suggestions?

    • johndwilliams profile image


      7 years ago from Essex England

      Very useful its a myriad out there trying to create traffic and backlinks your Hub helps a great deal many thanks!

    • profile image

      Helen Bolam 

      7 years ago

      Really interesting information. Great Hub.

    • profile image


      7 years ago


      I can seem to find the 'import feeds' setting in Digg, the one that you refer to.

      Anyone knows why is that?

    • lookatmenow profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Canada

      You can probably send it through email updates or RSS from the wordpress blog. Pixelpipe has an autopost with both :D

    • profile image

      Elvin Miradi 

      7 years ago

      Hello, thanks a lot for this useful post. I have many accounts in social network sites with many different names. I used hellotxt, twitterfeed and also tried onlywire (this one charged me for this! I can't believe that! hehehe)

      After reading your post then I start all over again. Sign up with the same email, same username and same password. It works good. All controled in one place: PixelPipe!

      Thanks again, man!

      Anyway, is there any way we can post status in PixelPipe directly from Wordpress blog? Any plugins (like hellotxt did) or other way?

    • lookatmenow profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Canada

      yah...i had that problem too..but you can send to posterous via you can just do that from pixelpipe :D

    • profile image

      Cool man! 

      7 years ago

      Hey! Nice Graphic.

      Was just wondering. For me Ping.FM doesn't seem to post to my Posterous account, does this still work for you? How did you set this up?

    • lookatmenow profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Canada

      thanks a lot! ill add that to the hub, that's really good news!

    • minso profile image


      7 years ago

      Good post with useful information. One additional info. Digg is now allowing auto feeds. We can submit the RSS feed and after an initial verification, the new postings from that source will become automatic. Such multiple RSS streams are allowed.


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