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Best Social Network Aggregators That Post To Multiple Networks

Updated on January 28, 2011

Network of Networks

So a lot of social networks are popping up all over the internet. The popularity of Facebook and Twitter has really shown the power of online social communication. And because of this, many people, or groups of people, are creating their own social networks. Now you don't have to use just one. Many people already have Facebook. But expanding your presence online can be very helpful. Some people choose to use other networks for whatever reasons and many other social networks are getting millions of impressions every month. I am not going to lie, some networks are growing, and some are not, but there are good ones out there. Many have viewers from a specific country or region of the world. Just because it is in another language should in no way be a reason to not join. It great to check out other social activity from other countries. Google Translate will help with the sign up, and it really can be good to expand to popular foreign networks.

I have found the most active social networks on the internet at the moment. One of the networks can even send the update to your phone and it will send a text message to whatever groups of contacts you create. These are all working networks with active members and you can submit your own content whenever you like. It's not hard at all and you can follow this guide to learn how. Some of the networks are in another language (five at most), but the majority are in English. You can recognize some of them because all the major ones are there, and maybe some you may remember or have heard about. The majority of the networking is done through the API of the three major social network aggreposters (I don't know what to call them since many social network aggregators out there do not auto-post, just aggregate). PixelPipe, Hellotxt and Ping.FM all have a really user friendly interface to plug in your social networks info and have a practically instant update. It's crazy how fast it is. This is not the interface my entire network uses though. I am not an API developer, so I had to find some alternatives.

API isn't the only way to get an auto update. It's the newest and a developing way. There are two old forms we all know about, and they are integrated into a lot of these social networks. But they both have the same downfall, which is the reason why API is getting more popular. They both lag. Many of these social networks accept updates through an email, or through an RSS feed. Both of which can lag up to an hour or more. That isn't that bad since you are connected to so much, but it can be a drag if you update a lot. If you are an API developer, or know one, it would be superb to connect these networks into one spot with API.

Why would I need to connect to so many networks?

Any internet marketer, content creator or promoter would tell you how important backlinks are. Either you are trying to promote a certain product, getting views for your own content, or even just getting traffic to your own site or blog, you can benefit a lot from social network backlinks. This gives your site a better ranking, and increases the chances of more people seeing it, then if you had just put the article up and left it to fate to have someone find it, and hopefully share. Sharing on a social network is better than posting to endless lists of blog and RSS directories, which will probably get a few views a week. You can have as many friends, followers or subscribers as you can get (except for Orkut, which caps at 1000 friends) and it is more likely to be seen and shared on the network. Also, sharing is as simple as one click on these networks. It's one click to have a person on the network share on their on page and be seen by all of their network connections.Tumblr has a great reblogging system that can make things viral super quick.

The Social Aggreposters

Here are the social networks that are able to accept a source of some kind, and post to multiply networks. I'm not sure what to call them since they can't be in the same category as other social network aggregators like Nomee or Profilactic since those cannot autopost anywhere. So I call them "Aggreposters".


I use this social network aggreposter to post to all the other networks I am part of. It's a very powerful network that can both autopost and receive a feed, through RSS or email. Very handy if you plan on update status with your content links. You can post to many different networks to update your status. You can also upload videos and photos to multiple sites as well (same goes for the other aggreposters) but this network map just deals with statuses and links. All of the connections are through API, so it's all pretty quick. You can also send out email updates (which is what I used for connecting Hellotxt) to whatever site accepts email updates.


Ping.FM is the aggreposter that can post to the most working social networks with status updating.  All the connections through Ping are API, so no lag with the updated statuses.  In addition to all the instant API updates, the Blogger connection can provide and RSS feed to many other places on the internet that accept feed.  In addition to that, one of the networks that Ping updates also autoposts to another group of social networks.  Posterous is connected to Ping through API and then autoposts through API to whatever networks you set up.

Brightkite is a social network that will aggregrate your  social network activity and post updates to your cellphone, then autotext to whatever groups of contacts you preselected.  Perfect for instant promotion, but this type of promotion can only work with select things.


So on this side of the network, things may be a little slow.  The update from PixelPipe to Hellotxt is sent through an email which may result in a delay in the update.  But right after it is received, Hellotxt will update the social networks you've connected through  through API.  Many of the foreign networks you can connect too are in this social network aggreposter.  You can also use the lifestream RSS feed Hellotxt provides to anywhere on the internet that accepts RSS feeds for update status formats.  I included Squidoo and Hubpages in this area because both are very active online communities, and you can plug in your RSS feed to whatever article you write.

Twitter - Evolving into a Aggreposter

Twitter is a very popular, microblogging Web 2.0 social network that you can add your tweets to over 100 sites all over the internet. Feeding your twitter feeds to the growing number of twitter communities online is great for more online promotion. Many sites are popping up where you can easily sign in with twitter and have you feeds posted on their own space on their own network. You can research to find more since I have just chosen a bunch of random working ones that I tested.


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