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Over 50 Social Networks You Can Post To At Once

Updated on March 7, 2011

Over 50 Social Networks For You

So I managed to connect as many online social networks as I could, in a way that anyone else can accomplish as well. With the use of social network aggreposters (I clock this term!), you can connect to many different networks online. When you post on one place, it get feed to over 50 other social networks. I have created a map of the ones that are working and have the fastest updates. It is really easy to get started on this and you can start by signing up with all the networks you want to connect with below. I weeded out all the social networks with connection problems, so all of these should work.

I have made this an easy reference page to easily link to each social network and sign up. All of these social networks work and have an active community on them.  If you don't know how to connect these services, follow this guide. Once you are signed up, it would be good to add some friends. Many of these social communites have import contact list from Hotmail, Yahoo, Google you can add for friends to each network. Don't spam your friends with social network sign ups though. Divide the networks among different contacts so each contact doesn't get like fifty invites.

Group One

This is the group that is attached to PixelPipe. Once you sign up here, you can start connecting your main networks to it (with Add Pipes), such as Facebook or Twitter. Afterwards, sign up with all the other networks in this group and add those pipes!


Yahoo! Memes

Google Talk











Group 1a

This group gets their feeds from Twitter. They all auto update everytime you tweet. And since your tweets are auto updated through PixelPipe, these will be automatically updated as well when you updated PIxelPipe. Now there are hundreds of websites out there which can display your tweets like this on their own page. I have just chosen these one, but you can find more if you want to. Anywhere that accepts tweeting services (make sure its doesn't autopost to twitter or you will loop your tweets!)


Social Whale


Intense Debate


Chaser Update

Mister Wong








Diigo - via (must use them together)

Group 2

PIng.FM is a very powerful social network aggreposter. It can connect to a lot of popular networks and even some popular blogs like Blogger and Wordpress (PixelPipe can do them too, but it's better over here). With Blogger, you can grab your RSS feed and post that feed to anywhere you would like. It's really handy because there are thousands of sites that accept RSS feeds. Find the ones with the best page rank!


Google Buzz

Yahoo! Profiles (Yahoo! Meme, Yahoo Pulse, and Yahoo Blogs all post the same updates, so just choose one of the Yahoo services, or you will have double or even triple posts)



AIM Status



Plurk (It's powered by StatusNet, so it's under that service)


Street Mavens

myYearbook (there may be connection issues with this service...)


Facebook Pages




Group 2a

This group consists of the sites that you should connect to in Posterous to follow this guide. Posterous can autopost the autopost from Ping to a whole bunch of services.





Group 2b

When Blogger receives and autopost from Ping, you can grab the RSS feed from that blog and send ti to anywhere that accepts an RSS feed for a blog. There are a LOT out there, and thats a whole other project, so these two would be good to get you started.



Group 3

Hellotxt is the last of the big 3 aggreposters. It probably has the most services to post too, but I found a lot to not be working. This will change as Hellotxt gets more popular, so don`t worry. I did find a bunch of services that work, but some of them are in foreign languages. If you use Google Chrome (it's free!), you can use the auto translator to sign up. There are millions of users on these foreign network, why not expand your audience? Plus it's really cool in my opinion to explore what other places in the world use as a social network and what they offer in comparison to Facebook. Why did these people choose not to mainly use Facebook?

Also Hellotxt puts all your posts on their own page called a "Lifestream". It provides an RSS feed, so you can also put this RSS feed anywhere you like. This is another group of RSS receiving networks from the blogger because these networks are more for status updates and not really blog feeds. Even though it doesn't really matter because it is the same post everywhere, I still like to separate them. You can change it up as much as you feel fitting.








Group 3a

These are the social networks that receive feed from Hellotxt's Lifestream RSS feed.  I've have included Squidoo and Hubpages here because they both have the ability to put an RSS module on your articles.







Group 4 (Optional)

Now this group consists of places you can post manually.  They are pretty active and it would be a shame to avoid them just because they cannot be connected.  Hopefully sometime soon, they will add those services, but for now, a few extra post won't kill you if you have the time.












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    • profile image

      Wesley Gilbert 

      5 years ago

      2052699171 or

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      this is great for auto back linking but do u have any software to making accounts on them

    • lookatmenow profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Canada

      Yes, you can mix and match what networks you want to use! And you can use your existing accounts!

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 

      8 years ago

      That is very interesting but what happens if you are already a member with some social networks would you have to go under a different name.Can you pick and choose what networks you want?


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