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How and Why I joined Hub Pages

Updated on July 8, 2009


First a bit of introduction about myself. I am into the MMO(Making Money Online) business for about 3 years now. I have created a few websites and blogs since then. I have gone through almost all the SEO techniques and internet marketing strategies. I have used the social media to the maximum of it. I have generated backlinks and a large number of them through a variety of methods and sources. I have ranked high in SERPS(Search Engine Result Pages). I have been at the first position for my keywords and for quite a few of them.

Hub Pages
Hub Pages

How I Came to Know about the HubPages

It all started with my site getting penalized. Yes, you heard it right A PENALTY, and that too from the biggest and a highly over-rated search engine, i.e. Google. Let me put this in simpler words. All of a sudden, without doing anything wrong, my major website got penalized by Google. It was the one that earned me most of the money. Google won't show it in SERPS any more. I lost 90% of my traffic and incomes dropped drastically. Because my main site got penalized, I thaught of making another blog to earn me some money. As I had done some research on keywords of that site, I thought my blog should have the same keywords. So the blog was made having same keywords. Next step was to gether some good content for it which obviously was done by searching the web through search engines and "Hub Pages" came again and again in the SERPS. Then I thaught of visiting the home page as the pages in serps were the articles written by hubbers. So, I visited the main page of Hub Pages and there I was totally stuck with it. Then I decided to join it and finally after waiting for a while I joined it and I am quite happy with my decision of joining this site.

Reasons for Joining It

Three very simple reasons:

1) I loved the articles written by hubbers
2) I wanted to write some articles of my own
3) I thought I can earn some money here


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    • Ultimate Hubber profile imageAUTHOR

      Ultimate Hubber 

      10 years ago

      You are right Dale. Plus there are other search engines too other than Google.

    • Dale Nelson profile image

      Dale Nelson 

      10 years ago from South Africa

      Its shocking the power they have.But you can at least get your own back by adsense on your hubs.

    • Ultimate Hubber profile imageAUTHOR

      Ultimate Hubber 

      10 years ago


      I am into SEO and Making Money from Websites since 2006. This particular website I mentioned was launched in January 2007. This was my second successful website. I understand what you are saying. It is deindexed by Google and out of more than 500 static pages I see less than a 100 pages and I get 1-2 visitors from Google in a month and that too for long queries and my site is like on 600th number.

      Yes I have talked to them about this issue through webmaster tools. They don't reply, neither are they doing something about it.

      I don't think I have done anything wrong because all other major search engines rank me very high in their SERPS.

      Thanx Lissie for stopping by and posting this very useful comment.

    • Lissie profile image

      Elisabeth Sowerbutts 

      10 years ago from New Zealand

      What you are descrbing is very common and your site will probably come back. There are 2 scenarios - your site is still indexed but is on page 900 of the SERPS - this is a normal 'sandbox' effect - its probably a new domain - which you built up quite quickly including getting links to the stie. Just keep on doing what you were doing with content/links the site will come back eventually - how long depends on the niche but 6 months seems average -this is standard G behavour for someniches like health

      The other alternative is that you have actually been deindexed - if you google do you get any pages? If not you have a bigger problem - go to webmaster tools and claim the blog and then apply for reinclusion - it may or may not happen. This probably happened because a competitor or google's algo flagged you as doing something bad (even if you weren't)

    • Ultimate Hubber profile imageAUTHOR

      Ultimate Hubber 

      10 years ago

      Thanx James

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      10 years ago from Chicago

      Welcome to the Hub Pages Community. I look forward to reading your work.

    • Ultimate Hubber profile imageAUTHOR

      Ultimate Hubber 

      10 years ago

      Thanx for your kind comment Jim.

    • jimcassa profile image


      10 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Well said Ultimate Hubber,

      "Freedom of expression, good for the soul, as you reach your goal..."




    • Ultimate Hubber profile imageAUTHOR

      Ultimate Hubber 

      10 years ago

      Yes Mac, thanx.

    • Mac Mission profile image

      Mac Mission 

      10 years ago from bangalore

      This is very bad from google. But your member of our hub family ...

    • Ultimate Hubber profile imageAUTHOR

      Ultimate Hubber 

      10 years ago

      Well, I have contacted Google, they did not remove the penalty, neither did they reply. I don't see any reason why Google has done that to me. Maybe I am unable to figure the reason out. What makes me think that I haven't done anything wrong is the fact that all the other major search engines except Google rank me high in their SERPS.

    • Marisa Wright profile image

      Kate Swanson 

      10 years ago from Sydney

      Did you work out why you were penalized?   Sometimes it's hard to work out what upset Google, but it's important to try because otherwise, you risk repeating the same mistake.  And since HubPages is also Adsense-driven, it could even happen here.

      My site got slapped as well and I couldn't understand why, until a friend told me that my website had come up as "spam" when she searched for it.  I emailed Google and asked for a review and they cleared the spam label - and presto, I was back at #3.

      I still have no idea why the site got labelled spam, except that I use phpBay which creates a lot of links to eBay.

    • ethel smith profile image

      Ethel Smith 

      10 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Oh well I am glad you are here :)

    • Ultimate Hubber profile imageAUTHOR

      Ultimate Hubber 

      10 years ago


      I think I am happy about the penalty because if it wasn't for the penalty, I might not have found hub pages and other stuff.

    • Dame Scribe profile image

      Dame Scribe 

      10 years ago from Canada

      The lack of forgiveness for penalties is rather sad I agree and am sure you are not alone. Great Hub. :)


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