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How to Make Money on HubPages Today

Updated on November 3, 2010

Do You REALLY Want to Start Making Money on HubPages TODAY?

I know, it seems like a silly question. But I ask if you REALLY want to make money on HubPages TODAY because I am going to give you a (somewhat) silly answer:

If you want to make money on HubPages TODAY, then stop reading this hub and get to work!

Ok, now you know the big big secret. Making money on HubPages is work ... but it is not particularly hard or complex work. And nothing will happen if you don't stop reading about it and just DO it.

You have to:

  • Sign Up for HubPages ...
  • Hook in your Google Adsense account ...
  • Hook in your Amazon account ...
  • Start Writing Hubs  ...

Do the above, and you will start making money today. You won't be able to spend that money until you get your first cheque, but you will have started making it, even if you do not "earn" a single penny from an AdSense click or an Amazon sale.

You can fill a pail with water a drop at a time. It takes time and patience, but the thirsty man who does it will soon have a pail full of water. The thirsty man who sneers at the first guy and says he is wasting his time will stay thirsty, and soon come to envy his fellow man.

Every hub you write is like a drop of water. Keep writing, and eventually you will find that you have plenty to drink!

Actually, It's Even Easier Than That to Start Making Money on HubPages Today!

Ok, honestly, if you think that even the above steps are too much for you (if you are not sure about how to sign up for Google AdSense or Amazon, and you feel a bit, or a lot, overwhelmed) ... don't sweat it. It is enough to just do these two steps for now:

Once you have a few Hubs under your belt, and are getting aquainted with how things work, you can hook in the monetization bits at your leisure. The time you spend simply writing will work in your favour ... your pages will have had time to be indexed by the search engines and will will have a chance  to start drawing in an increasing number of visitors.

You can riddle through the AdSense and Amazon hook ins when your heart has stopped beating so fast.

Google AdSense or Amazon?

It is not a matter of choosing between the two (or going further to hook into Kontera, for instance), but implementinig both. They work well together, will not interfere unduly with each other's earnings, and form the bulk of the earings for the vast majority of successful Hubbers.

If you are going to start with one, start with AdSense ... it is the biggest payout on HubPages, with Amazon running a distant second.

Why Are You Still Reading This? Go Make Some Money!

Honestly, if you are a typical reader of this hub, you have already read enough advice, and seen enough inspiring stories about HubPages earning to convince you that HubPages is (and it IS) a good, solid investment for productive, stick-to-it Hubbers.

The average "Pay for Time Spent" wage of successful Hubbers is somewhere between $20.00 and $30.00 an hour. That is after months or years of steady work, writing Hubs on subjects as diverse as poetry and technology. A very general rule of thumb, based on my research, suggests that if you have about 500 hubs, you can expect to be makiing about $500.00 a month. Many successful Hubbers make much more than that with far fewer hubs. But the $500.00 rule seems to be near the AVERAGE for successful hubbers, so you can take that figure to the bank.

Think of it this way. The above rule of thumb works out to an average of $1.00 per month per hub. That is $12.00 a year per hub. Or $12,000.00 per year for 1,000 hubs. Hey! That is a lot of money!

Let's take that $12,000.00 and divide it by $25.00 to see how many hours you should be spending writing 1000 hubs ... it works out to 480 hours. Or about 30 minutes per hub. Keep in mind these are just averages. Some people work harder, and some people hardly work to get the same dollar results.

How does the time work out? It comes to about 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, with a full two weeks off at some point during the year when you don't have to do a thing.

Are you willing to cash in on $12,000.00 a year for doing a part time job that only takes up 2 hours of your time a day?

Of course you are! So stop reading about it all and get to work ... Sign up for HubPages Nowand launch your online career.


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