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Hubbing--A Review of My First Month

Updated on September 9, 2013

Now that I have been writing Hubs for a month, I thought it would be good to recap some of my accomplishments along with my observations and experience as a Hubber. The overall general experience has been very positive. The rush I get from composing a hub is probably known to other writers…it is such an exciting drive…blood coursing thru my veins and ideas, thoughts, words and sentences dance to the page from my fingertips as though no brain was involved.

My Hubs

History of a New Hubber was written in order to get my feet wet and help me make the transition and bond to hub writing. It is meant to be encouraging to new hubbers. It is one of my highest scoring hubs and I received encouraging comments on it from my readers. I was especially pleased with a comment from a fellow hubber, Dianemae, who shared the same experience I had of having one of her first comments come from her son.

Three days after my first hub I published my second hub, Visa Renewal in Thailand. It is also one of my higher scoring hubs and was my first experience in using the photo capsule. While it does have the advantage of being one of my older hubs, it has had the most views.

I tried something new on my third hub, Kindle 3G Is It Hot?, four days later. An advertisement called my attention to this new electronic reading device known as an e-book. While I already had information available on my first two hubs, this one required research. I learned from this research and hopefully it will help me keep up with newer technologies which was my personal intent for the research. It was written with the attitude of being experimental on success of various kinds of hub topics. It does not have as many views and is not on the higher scoring list.

My profile score was falling along with traffic so nine days later I wrote another hub, A Trip to Wireless Road in Bangkok. I already had personal information and pictures for this hub. It is listed as my “best“ on my profile and ties for the highest score although it does not have as many views as Visa Renewal in Thailand..

Five days later I again tried something new with my hub, Koh Wai--A Great Get Away Vacation in Thailand. I took the pictures I had and made a slide-like movie with them, using background music. I worked the hardest on this one because I was trying something new. I used this technique under the inspiration of kuborite from his hub, Kenya Beach Hotels, that I discovered by clicking on "Hop some Hubs" at the top right area of my account page. It was on this hub that I learned to put a movie on Utube so I could embed it on my hub. It is also one of my higher scoring hubs.

Here Comes the Verizon iPhone 4 was published three days later after I read an email advertisement from Best Buy and I wanted to know more. It is also one of my lowest scores and again comes under the technology group. It is a fairly new hub and as more people read it, the score may go up.

I published Give a Chocolate Diamond for Valentine's Day one day later. It is my7th and most recent hub. I was inspired to write this hub after reading a newly published hub that I found on the Hubitivity section of the page that I get when I sign in. Again, I did some research to learn more because I am interested in gemology. It also was an experimental hub for me and falls in the mid-range my hub scores

Followers and Earnings

Currently I am writing another hub that required research and I abandoned it in order to celebrate my one month anniversary as a hubber by writing this, my 8th, hub. I have 2 followers and would like to have more. I recently learned that I could check my earnings and found that it was 38 cents. From reading the topic of Monetization at the Learning Center I know that Google Adsense will pay me when I reach the $100 mark. Earning money is secondary to the satisfaction I get from writing. I would like to earn some mad money each month. When I am on Statistics page I can go to the top and click on “Earnings”. I then click on Google Adsense reports and from there I am led to sign in to Google to find information about my earnings.

Statistics, Traffic Sources and Hub Metrics

Clicking on my account takes me to my Statistics where each hub is listed along with number of comments, views, and date published. I can click on a title to edit it or I can go to the the first page of the hub. I have also discovered that when I am on the first page of my hub I can click “stats” and find out the sources of my traffic which at first was mostly hub, face and Lately, I have been elated to see a trickle of traffic from, (Thailand), (Philippines),, (Canada), and which I think means I am being noticed a bit by the search engines.

When I am on the title page of each of my hubs I can click on “hub metrics” and find the word count, revenue potential, incoming links, duration view, date first published and short URL for that particular hub.

Writing for Hub Pages


One month on Hub Pages has proven to me that it is one of the better decisions I have made lately. The satisfaction is immense and I would hope I could encourage you to sign up now and try your hand at writing.

Get Started Now

If you enjoy writing or would like to start writing and publishing I suggest you click on the link below and get started with HubPages. The process is simple if you go step by step.


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    • E Jay profile image

      E Jay 6 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado

      Welcome to hubbing. It's a great way to "let the creative juices flow" without pressure.

    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 6 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      Interesting write-up specially for a newbie like me who's still exploring all the angles of this hubbing. Been here for only 3 days, joined HubPages simply to express myself and polish my writing skills. It's getting rusty. Then I found out there's earning as well. Awesome!

    • profile image

      Mahjong D 7 years ago

      Nice to read what hubbing is all about. I googled "hub" and it is basically a more specialized blog. I didn't realize you have only been "hubbing" for a month or so. It seems like you have learned a lot and are inspired to write more. Have fun.

    • profile image

      Danjerous 7 years ago

      Great recap, and good way to promote you previous hubs.

      Keep hubbing,

      Your son :-)

    • E Jay profile image

      E Jay 7 years ago from Colorado Springs, Colorado

      Hey thanks simeonvisser ...I've read your profile and plan to check out some of your hubs...they look good.

    • simeonvisser profile image

      simeonvisser 7 years ago

      Writing for HubPages is a very good decision indeed. I'm here not that much longer than you but it's quite enjoyable to see your views increase and to start earning some cash. Like you, I'm far from payout but we'll get there soon enough.