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I Make Money on HubPages

Updated on June 17, 2011

I make money on HubPages. In fact I have been making money on hubpages from the very first week I joined up.

I previously had an Adsense account so sorting that was a doddle. Amazon was quick and easy to set up too. eBay was more complicated. I am still unsure as to whether it is working at its best.

In spite of making money on HubPages it was not the reason for joining up. I joined HubPages because I had something to say. I found that Hub construction was quick and easy and it allowed me to point people to answers to questions I was asked. It was generally zoo related because that was where my specialty lay.

As I am a traveler I wrote about other things too. I am interested in so very many things. I enjoy research and I like people watching. My head is full of a hundred ideas at any time. I may decide to write about one thing and yet when I sit down I write about something completely different.

Hubpages earn money
Hubpages earn money

In the 15 months I have been writing on HubPages I have completed 225 Hubs, have 63 in various stages of being written, 2 being edited and 1 removed while I think about it. The one removed was published but when I first posted it a year or so ago it generated a rush of comment and email within an hour or so, so I quickly pulled it. Nothing too special about it but an opinion that seems to differ with the rest of humanity.

As a homeless traveler I write wherever and whenever. Mainly based in Asia I usually use Starbucks as my first port of call. Starbucks gives me my coffee hit to start the day as well as a comfortable place to lie up and work. I will normally work on my Blog and my Hubs from ten to twelve hours every day, seven days a week. Just answering my mail in the morning can easily eat up two to three hours.

That coffee though is important. When I first started to make money on HubPages my thoughts were...'well as long as I earn enough to buy a coffee every day then I will be happy'. In truth I do usually. Enough to buy a coffee. Sometimes I don't make enough to purchase from Starbucks so I go to the 7/11 instead.

Starbucks and HubPages work well together
Starbucks and HubPages work well together

I have been on the road a long time now: Things have changed. Money has become more important to me. I need to make more money to survive. I am not greedy. I don't want a house or car. I need enough to get by and ideally in a modicum of comfort. My needs are less than many.

Right now I continue to make enough to purchase a cup of coffee every day. When I think about it, it is such a small amount but...There was a girl I met in Vietnam (and I have met several like her) who supported herself and her family on a dollar a day. I couldn't do that even with my spartan lifestyle. I need money for buses and beer. I need to pay internet connections. I need to fork out for visas. Then of course there is food, rent, water, electric. It is impossible to escape the necessities of life.

So after much thought I need to aim towards something in the region of $40.00 a day. I feel relatively sure I could manage quite well on something like that. More of course would be a bonus. It gives me something to aim towards.

Make money with HubPages
Make money with HubPages

I am inspired by other Hubbers: Reading what other people are managing to pull in from from Google Adsense is nothing short of amazing.

I know where I have gone wrong, well partially. I do backlink....but obviously not enough. I do do keyword searches...but clearly not as well as I should. I really need to work harder at generating a passive income because I actually need it to live.

One thing I will not do is run down HubPages. They do exactly what they say. They provide an excellent medium for you to say exactly what you want to say. They don't charge you (other than their cut of Adsense). HubPages give you the opportunity to make money. I know it works because I do.

If you are completely new to HubPages or joined a month ago and nothing has happened then please read How To HubPage.

You can make money on HubPages too
You can make money on HubPages too

Earn Money With HubPages



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